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Live from New York, it's Hillary Clinton

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  • Clinton appears during the opening segment with impersonator Amy Poehler
  • Clinton mentions upcoming primary states in opening line, "It is Saturday night!"
  • Her rival Sen. Barack Obama appeared on the show last year
  • Clinton referenced a recent SNL skit during a debate in Ohio on Tuesday
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(CNN) -- Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton met her match while appearing on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" to deliver the show's trademark opening line and provide an "editorial response" to a mock presidential debate.

During the opening sketch -- which featured SNL actors playing Clinton, rival candidate Barack Obama and the debate moderators -- Clinton complimented the performance of Amy Poehler, who regularly lampoons Clinton with her impersonation of the senator from New York.

"I simply adore Amy's impression of me," Clinton said, providing the cue for Poehler to enter the stage, wearing the same two-button brown jacket and sporting Clinton's medium-length, layered hairstyle.

Poehler giddily thanked Clinton for appearing.

"I love your outfit," the identically dressed Poehler told Clinton.

"Well, I love your outfit," Clinton responded, putting her hand on Poehler's shoulder, "but I do want the earrings back."

The quip sparked a hyperbolic cackle from Poehler. Clinton asked, "Do I really laugh like that?" The two jokingly agreed she did.

Clinton appeared on the show ahead of several do-or-die primaries that will determine the fate of her campaign.

During the segment, Poehler -- who also does impersonations of talk show host Kelly Ripa, "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul and pop star Michael Jackson -- asked Clinton, who trails Obama in the Democratic race, how her campaign was going.

"The campaign is going very well. Very, very well," the former first lady responded before earning some laughs with a deadpan: "Why? What have you heard?"

Clinton said she appeared on the show to "just relax, have fun" without politics, but she didn't miss her chance to address voters in delivering the opening line.

Saying she was appealing to all Americans -- whether they're from Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, Vermont, Pennsylvania "or any of the other states" -- Clinton opened the show with "Live from New York, it is Saturday night!" Video Watch Clinton open the show »

Pennsylvania's primary is slated for next month, while the other four states Clinton mentioned are holding primaries Tuesday.

Clinton's appearance was a poorly kept secret. The media were tipped off when she failed to arrive for a campaign charter flight from Dallas, Texas, to Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday.

Her campaign would not say where she was, but an entertainment industry source confirmed she was set to appear on SNL.

The late-night skit show has been a popular spot on the campaign trail. Obama appeared unannounced in October, and GOP candidate Mike Huckabee did a bit on the show's "Weekend Update" last week.

Also, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who dropped out of the GOP presidential race this year, appeared later in the show that Clinton opened.

During an MSNBC debate in Ohio on Tuesday, Clinton referenced an SNL skit in which the comedy troupe satirized the media for being too friendly with Obama.


"Maybe we should ask [Obama] if he's comfortable and needs another pillow," she said during the debate.

Clinton is scheduled to appear on Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" Monday. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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