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It was one of Hillary Clinton's last chances to knock rival Barack Obama -- seemingly on a path to the Democratic nomination -- off course.

But throughout the CNN/Univision debate in Austin, Texas, on Thursday night, the New York senator struck a cautious and, at times, conciliatory tone toward Obama, and likely did little to blunt the momentum of a candidate who has won 11 straight contests.

It wasn't quite the love-fest of the CNN debate in Los Angeles, California, three weeks ago, but Clinton repeatedly shied away from challenging her rival, even when the debate's moderators gave her ample opportunities to do so.

Obama emerged relatively unscathed as a result. It was, by all measures, a victory for the Illinois senator given the clear front-runner status he now holds. Watch Schneider break down the debate

But it was by no means a poor performance for Clinton, and she did successfully draw some contrasts with Obama on his health care stance -- an issue in which she holds the upper hand. Read full article »

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Debate Replay
Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama face each other in Austin, Texas
Saturday, Sunday, 8 p.m. ET

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