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  • CNN users cheer, jeer Sen. Ted Kennedy's endorsement of Barack Obama
  • Reader: "The Kennedys mean that Obama has a Democrat deity in his corner"
  • Reader: "Obama has all the support he needs from the elitists in the media"
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(CNN) -- Sen. Ted Kennedy's endorsement of presidential candidate Barack Obama made headlines across the nation, largely because the Kennedy family was thought to be firmly situated in the Hillary Clinton camp.

With Kennedy backing the Illinois senator, many analysts asked the question: How will this change the course of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination?

To many readers, not much. To others, immensely. While some thought Kennedy comparing Obama to former President John F. Kennedy was inappropriate, others found it apt.

On the Web site's Political Ticker, on commentator Jack Cafferty's blog and in I-Reports,'s users sounded off on what they believe the Kennedy nod will ultimately mean for Obama and Clinton. Some comments have been edited for length, grammar and punctuation:

Francisco Rivera: "Since the death of Robert Kennedy the family no longer has any influence with the country. Ted has made many mistakes in his career that ruined his reputation as a reliable politician. We try to hang on to the Kennedy history but the Kennedy family has not produced another John or Robert." Video Watch Kennedy compare Obama to JFK »

Deborah Belasco: "I can't remember when I was so excited about politics as I am this very moment! The Kennedys endorsing Obama. Listening to them speak is giving me goose bumps. ... Sorry Hillary, you lose! Obama, I now hear you!"

Linda Pacifica: "I'm surprised more people don't see through [Obama]. People say his speeches inspire? All he did was bash the Clintons and act like a victim. I didn't see inspiration from that. From what I saw in the debates, he was throwing low blows. ... I think he is becoming more like Bush and his tactics when he was running -- deceitful, unethical, and dishonest."

Donna Galer: "This endorsement shows that Ted Kennedy is in touch with mainstream democratic voters. His endorsement helped John Kerry and will also help Barack Obama."

Sherry Blake: "I am suddenly proud again to be an American. Obama has inspired me as did JFK to ask myself what can I do for my country not what my country can do for me."

Veronica Lynne: "Unfortunately for Obama, there aren't enough of these rich, white liberals around to put him over the line. And besides, I thought it was all about the FUTURE!! Then why does Obama want to drag in all these old warhorses like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry? As I said, comical."

Max Lungren: "I do believe the Kennedy endorsements will help. At least I hope they will. As a registered Republican, I can honestly say that I will vote Democrat this election... I think that [Caroline] Kennedy summarized it best in her endorsement statement. We are all looking for that inspiration and hope in today's world. I believe that inspiration and hope begins right here, right now, with the right candidate, Barack Obama." Video Watch Obama explain how he earned Kennedy's endorsement »

Mariam Nabizad: "The significance of endorsements is still being debated, but not this one. Caroline's speech hits home to the millions of Americans who don't pay attention to the nuances of elections and campaigns. They hear 'America's daughter' say Obama reminds her of the man America loved. That is big!"

Arnold Burton: "No wonder Obama won in South Carolina. Fifty percent of the voters were black. The African-Americans of South Carolina would vote for any black, no matter what lack of experience the candidate possesses."

Mike Mills: "I had been a staunch supporter of Hillary since she announced her candidacy. Barack appeared to be an interesting prospect whose time had not quite come. Ted Kennedy's eloquent endorsement speech ... convinced me that now is the right time for our country to have a great leader. Finally, I believe that Barack Obama is that person."

Franklin Guerrero: "The endorsement from the Kennedys to Obama will not affect my deciding to vote for a candidate other than Obama. This is an elite family that doesn't resonate with the average middle-class American family. It is also the past endorsing the future. Mr. Kennedy can start by retiring himself and open doors for future younger senators."

Eric Woodruff: "Obama has all the support he needs from the elitists in the media. There is not one single candidate who gets as much media support as him. ... Is it because of the issues he champions? Is it because he supports universal health care? No, its not any of those reasons. The media supports him for one single reason. That reason is this: He is black."

Deborah Tytler: "Why does [Obama] scare me? He is an inspirational speaker with no power to back up his promises because he is still a 'trainee' in Washington and I don't have time for him to get on the job training. Being a great public speaker doesn't mean he will be a great president."

Charlie Murphy: "For anyone to take pot shots at Ted Kennedy who has given away most of his years to helping others gain freedoms and equality is further evidence that our country desperately needs a president like Barack Obama."

Dee Ward: "Yes, Ted, you feel change in the air and it's the hot air coming from Obama's mouth. If you think Obama is another JFK then you didn't know your brother as well as the American public did. There is nothing about him that is like JFK and I am not talking about his color. I wouldn't care of a President was black, white, purple or green if he were qualified."

Earl Illingsworth: "The Kennedy family's legacy has never left the poor or disenfranchised down, and once again they've rose to the occasion. Bravo! This surely will help Obama. Senator Ted Kennedy is world known as a champion for the poor. What a coup for this fledgling senator that dares mention change and hope in the same breath."

Don Judson: "The Kennedy endorsement means we can look forward to the best of all possible worlds in January of 2009 -- President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Hillary Clinton to put some backbone in this vacillating body."

Edward Pullan: "Any properly thinking voter will focus on the candidate's stand on issues, not on any endorsements. Even if I tend to agree with certain people on certain issues, I do not abdicate my power of decision to them. Besides, after speeches of platitudes and 'visions,' I am still waiting to hear where Obama stands on most issues. Where's the meat?"

Jim Aumer: "Now the Kennedy family is backing Obama for change? Are you kidding me? The Kennedys have been in politics for how many decades? I am shocked that a family that has made a living in 'POLITICS AS USUAL' for how long now, would use that same phrase to try and manipulate America's voters into thinking that they also have always been a family of change!"

Lexie Carter: "The Kennedy endorsement helps the Obama campaign rise above the criticism of the Clinton campaign. It also creates a type of force-field that will discourage further racial division while opening a gate for other key endorsements."

Scott Jackson: "Considering Ted Kennedy's dubious and largely checkered past, I honestly see no reason why it is headline news that he's backing Obama, or why it matters in the least."

Brian Nancoo: "The line-up to endorse Obama has more of an anti-Clinton position than a pro-Obama position. For a candidate who is running on the promise of bringing people together, Obama seems to relish any opportunity to encourage the anti-Clinton rhetoric as opposed to the anti-poverty, or anti-war, anti-crime. The Kennedy endorsement is pathetic for Obama to accept. He is starting to look like a bought-and-paid-for candidate."

Caleb Granger: "I always thought presidential elections were supposed [to be] about the issues, but now I see it is really about who gets the endorsement of the remaining Kennedys and Oprah. Good job America!"

Ernest Rajakone: "Bill Clinton is a deity in the Democratic Party. He was a primary reason why Hillary won New Hampshire and Nevada, but the Kennedys mean that Obama has a Democrat deity in his corner as well."


Susan Nicole: "I read Caroline Kennedy's op-ed in the Times comparing Senator Obama to her father, JFK. That comparison means nothing to my generation, one that has only read about JFK's contributions as a president through our history books. Presidents we read about in grade school are as real to us as Santa Claus. We have heard stories and are told they made a difference. However, we did not witness the change."

Lambert: "Ted Kennedy's endorsement of Obama influences me about as much as Don Shula's commercial for NutriSystem makes me want to go on a diet." E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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