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Carrie Underwood on getting glamorous

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  • Singer Carrie Underwood uses lotion more than perfume
  • She counts calories, fat and fiber; cheese is her downfall
  • Singer loves to play with makeup
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( -- Singer Carrie Underwood dishes on dieting, beauty and fashion.

Carrie Underwood in a Michael Kors wool crÍpe dress and Kenneth Jay Lane link bracelet.

1. Always look the part

Most of the time I slap on some makeup in the morning so I don't look bad if somebody snaps a picture. Somebody, somewhere, will catch you, even if it's a fan at the grocery store. Very rarely do I go out without makeup.

2. Keep a food diary

I'm OCD like that. I count calories, fat and fiber--which is important in making you feel fuller faster--and protein, especially when I'm working out. Video Watch how Carrie handles romantic distress »

3. Don't be a dairy queen

Cheese is ruining my life! I'm trying to talk myself into being lactose-intolerant. I mean, it's basically moldy milk, and it doesn't smell that great--but it's so good! Oh, jeez, I'm thinking about it now...

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4. Exercise your options

Always take an hour for yourself to go do something positive. I like the elliptical machine or swimming if I'm in a hotel with a decent pool and there aren't too many people there. I also do the treadmill, free weights, exercise ball. If it's a nice day, outdoor activity is nice. I get a bike and ride around. Plus, I get a decent cardio workout every night onstage.

5. Don't break the bank

I don't buy expensive jewelry and fur coats and Escalades. I've never bought a car in my life. The car I have, a Ford Mustang convertible, is the one I won on Idol--I guess I need to go buy a new car after all!

6. Smell yummy

I don't do smelly soaps or wear perfume, so lotion is kind of my perfume. My favorite body lotion is Benefit's Maybe Baby. It's got a little shimmer in it. If I'm dressing up I might use perfume. I have a couple by Anna Sui. And Gwen Stefani's perfume [L], is good too.

7. Be a girlie girl

With makeup I think it's important for girls to play. I mix a lot. I'll put on lip gloss and go, "That needs to shimmer." So I'll put something shimmery on top. Then I want it a little pinker, so I put pink on top. But it all comes together. I'm trying to lay off the black eyeliner, though--I love it a little too much.

8. Go with the flow

I tend to go after bigger, flowy tops or dresses. I know I'm doing myself a disservice, but I'd rather put on a muumuu and have people at least think there might be a skinny person underneath than put on something tight and have them think, Look at that gut!

9. Laugh at yourself

Usually I come up through the floor to get to the stage. I can't stand up on the little platform or the audience will see me, so I'm squatting down with my rear end pressed up against the back of it. I just laugh because the audience thinks this is so glamorous--and here I am under the stage with these ropes and equipment, my butt pressed against plastic! E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend


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