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Carolyn Dennis, mother of a 5-year-old, initially wasn't too keen on Utah's decision to move her to a four-day workweek.

Dennis and 17,000 other state employees this month began working four 10-hour days per week rather than five eight-hour days. When told of the change, Dennis immediately thought about her son.

She normally picked him up from day care in the afternoon. Since she'd now be working later, pickup seemed like it'd be a problem.

"My first instinct was, 'Day care closes at 6 p.m.,' " said Dennis, who works at the state Department of Commerce.

But then something else hit her: She's just picked up an extra day off per week. If she could work out the day-care issue, the change wouldn't be so bad after all. Read full article »

CNN's Jason Hanna contributed to this report.

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