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Cholera: Symptoms and Treatments

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(CNN) -- Cholera is a global health problem in deveolping countries that is caused by the bacterium vbrio cholerae.

Mostly transmitted through contaminated water, spoiled food supplies is another way cholera is spread.

About 75% of people infected with cholera do not develop any symptoms. However, the pathogens stay in their feces for seven to 14 days and are shed back into the environment, potentially infecting other individuals.

Symptoms include:

--abdominal pain
--profuse watery diarrhoea

Unless fluid and salt are replaced in a timely fashion, severe dehydration and kidney fail could possibly lead to death. With proper treatment, the fatality rate is below one percent.

Measures for the preventing cholera have not changed much in recent decades. If infected, 80 percent of peopel can be cured through medication.

Some of the best ways to prevent and treat cholera are:

--keep clean water and have proper sanitation
--educate the population about health education and good food hygiene
--wash your hands systematically
--if infected, get prompt access to treatment which include oral rehydration salts

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