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Detroit mayor arrives at jail

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  • NEW: Kwame Kilpatrick jailed after judge finds he violated terms of bond
  • Judge finds mayor violated terms of bond by not reporting trip to Canada
  • His lawyers are filing an immediate appeal
  • Kilpatrick is headed to trial on perjury and related charges
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DETROIT, Michigan (CNN) -- Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was jailed Thursday after a judge found he had violated terms of his bond by taking an unauthorized trip to Canada last month.

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick apologized, but a federal judge ordered him jailed for violating terms of his bond.

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's booking photo from the Wayne County Sheriff's Department.

Kilpatrick, who is facing felony charges of perjury, obstruction of justice and misconduct of office, had been free on $75,000 bond.

Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans said the mayor will be treated like any other high-profile inmate at the jail. Measures will be taken to ensure his security as well as that of other inmates at the facility, the sheriff added.

Kilpatrick will be held in a restricted area where no one except deputies will be allowed to have close contact with him, the sheriff said.

The mayor has been snarled in a public scandal since January, when the Detroit Free Press reported he exchanged romantic text messages with his former chief of staff, Christine Beatty, indicating the two were involved in an affair.

He and Beatty, testifying last fall in a whistle-blower trial, had denied they had been having an affair.

Kilpatrick attorney Jim Parkman said an immediate appeal of the mayor's jailing is planned. A hearing on the appeal is scheduled for Friday, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Parkman noted Kilpatrick's trip "wasn't a personal trip over there to go to Caesar's Palace and play," but for Detroit business. "He believes it was the right thing to do, and on the spur of the moment, he just went," Parkman said.

Kilpatrick visited Windsor, Ontario, on July 23 to discuss with Windsor's mayor a plan to sell Detroit's half of the tunnel connecting the two cities, according to the Free Press. See how close the two cities are »

Under the terms of his bond, Kilpatrick was required to give the court 48 hours' notice for business travel, District Court Judge Ronald Giles noted Thursday.

Kilpatrick apologized for the trip, telling Giles his first priority was taking care of the city.

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"I guess the problem I'm having is, I don't think there's too much of anything you do alone," Giles told Kilpatrick. "And even on that day, it's not that you got a telephone call, jumped in your SUV and drove across the bridge or the tunnel. You go to the phone. You made several telephone calls.

"You had to call security. You had to contact the deputy mayor and executive assistant. You had to make arrangements," Giles said. "You don't do anything without making arrangements, and one of those arrangements has to be in relationship to this court." Video Watch the judge order Kilpatrick to jail »

The judge said that last week, in addressing another violation by Kilpatrick, he had made it clear: "Don't come back."

"What matters to me is how the court is perceived," Giles said. "And if it was not Kwame Kilpatrick sitting in that seat, if it was 'John Six-Pack' sitting in that seat, what would I do? And there the answer is simple, so I'm going to go back to my original 'keep it simple' ... anybody else sitting in that chair, that's exactly what would happen."

Parkman said he was not surprised by the judge's ruling.

"It did not come as a shock," he said. "The judge, I would say, is his own man." Video Watch what else Parkman had to say »

Wayne County Attorney Kym Worthy issued a statement saying she thinks Giles took appropriate action "considering [Kilpatrick's] most recent behavior. Judge Giles treated this defendant as any other defendant would have been treated."

Earlier Thursday, Kilpatrick and Beatty waived their preliminary examination and agreed the case could be forwarded to Wayne County Circuit Court's Criminal Division.

Beatty, who resigned her post after the text messages were made public, is also facing charges. If convicted, both face a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. Kilpatrick has rejected calls from critics that he resign.

The city said in a statement that the government will continue to function as normal, with a deputy mayor in charge.

"It's very unfortunate," said Kenneth Cockrel Jr., president of the Detroit City Council and one of Kilpatrick's critics. "It's another sad chapter in an ongoing saga, which I hope can be brought to a close soon. It's not good for the city of Detroit; it's not good for the southeastern Michigan region; it's not good for the entire state."

Allegations that Kilpatrick had an affair with Beatty arose during the police whistle-blower trial last summer in Wayne County Circuit Court. The case involved two police officers -- Deputy Chief Gary Brown and Officer Harold Nelthrope, a mayoral bodyguard -- who were suing Kilpatrick and the city of Detroit.


The officers claimed they were fired to halt a misconduct probe of Kilpatrick. The probe could have exposed allegations that two of Kilpatrick's bodyguards drank on the job, falsified time sheets and facilitated the mayor's infidelity, court documents said.

The lawsuit and another unrelated case was settled for about $8 million, the officer's attorneys said. Critics have said Kilpatrick settled the case in part to keep the affair with Beatty secret.

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