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Every time Julie Jensen's brothers hear the letter read, it brings everything back. They say they wonder why their sister didn't tell them about her marital woes and how tormented she might have been in her final weeks. Even more, they wonder if they could have saved her.

"I hear her voice every time I hear the words in that letter," said Jensen's brother Paul Griffin.

"If she would have come to any one of us for support ... we would have helped her."

Griffin is referring to a note written by Jensen on November 21, 1998. It was in a sealed envelope she gave to a neighbor with instructions to turn it over to police if anything ever happened to her. Twelve days later, Jensen's husband, Mark, found her dead in her bedroom, and the neighbor handed the note over to police.

A decade later, Mark Jensen is standing trial, accused of poisoning his wife with ethylene glycol, commonly used as antifreeze. Watch the latest from the trial Read full article »

CNN's John Murgatroyd and Wayne Drash contributed to this report.

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