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JWT is the largest advertising agency in the United States and the fourth-biggest in the world. With clients ranging from spirit-makers to sports equipment manufacturers, it has stayed cutting-edge in this fiercely competitive, creative and rapidly changing industry. CNN's Todd Benjamin caught up with CEO Bob Jeffrey and began by asking him about the future of advertising.

Jeffrey: I think that historically in the advertising business, we've been very executionally-centric, you know, or I would say very TV-centric, meaning, how does it play itself out in a 30-second TV spot? That's a way of operating that I think we can't do anymore. I think it's much more about an idea that could be delivered in any which way. It could be delivered in the design of the product, it could be delivered in the customer experience for a retail client, it can be delivered online. The opportunities for how you explore that are so much more expansive than they were 10 or 15 years ago.

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