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The best of Business Traveller

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  • Open Skies: a look at the treaty that will open transatlantic routes to competition
  • Richard Quest was onboard the first commercial flight of the long-awaited A380
  • Business Traveller asked the experts how to keep healthy on the road
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LONDON, England (CNN) -- This month we take a look back at the best of the best from Business Traveller 2007.


Big news in 2007: the A380 superjumbo begins commercial operations

The battle for the skies
For more than 40 years, the runways at Heathrow have only been open to 4 carriers...2 from Britain and 2 from the United States. A treaty that was signed last year kicks in at the end March, opening up Heathrow to other carriers that will be allowed to fly this lucrative route. We had a CNN Business Traveller Open Skies Special to get to grips with the treaty and what it means for us travellers.

Airbus A380 Superjumbo
Two years overdue and billions of dollars over budget -- the Superjumbo finally took its first commercial flight from Singapore to Sydney. We look back on the first impressions of the plane when Richard Quest had one of those coveted seats onboard.

Health and well-being on the road
Staying healthy on the road can often be hard. Luckily when we were in Zurich, we got some useful exercise tips that can be done from the comfort of your hotel room.

Olive oil is a healthy addition to any diet, and that doesn't stop when you're in the air. Those who fly First and Business will be familiar with the single portions of olive oil that comes with the in-flight meal. We visited the olive groves in Perugia to meet the man behind those little bottles of goodness.

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Smart Traveller
This is one of our regular segments on the show where we road test a new gadget or product and give our honest opinion. One particular gadget that we had a huge response about was the electronic book - tipped to be a number one gadget for 2008. So thought we'd try the Amazon Kindle and Sony e-reader out whilst in Egypt.

Sunrise to Sunset
We always try and give our viewers ideas to make the most of the cities they're in whilst on business and when we went to Australia it was no different. Sydney has the largest natural harbor in the world and there is plenty to do there from sunrise to sunset. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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