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Mohammed Rasoul, a 12-year-old Iraqi boy whose right leg was blown off during a car bomb attack, gingerly stands on his new prosthetic limb and then struggles to walk using parallel bars to help with his balance.

It's been nearly two years since Mohammed was seriously wounded in a bomb attack in Falluja. His 6-year-old cousin was killed in front of his eyes. Insurgents were believed to be targeting a nearby U.S. military convoy in the often violent city. Now he is thousands of miles away -- in the Shriners Children's Hospital in Philadelphia.

"I am very happy today, I take leg and I am walking," he says in hesitant English, laughing before switching into Arabic. "My life is back, a new life. I was in Iraq, and I lost my life."

His mother, Jinan Mohammed, is overcome with emotion.

"I am seeing him big and tall," she says, wiping away tears. Read full article »

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