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Weather impedes trips home during busy travel time

By Nicole Saidi
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(CNN) -- Getting home for the holidays was all the motivation Matt Hogue needed to make a grueling 15-hour drive Sunday through treacherous, ice-laden roadways.

James Ebbs of Biloxi, Mississippi, got stuck in a pileup Saturday on Interstate 70 in Kansas.

Hogue, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was attending military training in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and faced a trip home that took nearly twice as long as it would have under normal conditions.

"I really didn't want to get put up in a hotel or anything and miss Christmas."

He sent a photo through CNN I-Report showing the whitened road he had to traverse. At about 45 miles per hour, he passed several cars stuck in ditches and felt scared for his own safety.

"It was nerve-wracking," Hogue said. "I had the thought that I just wanted to get home."

James Ebbs of Biloxi, Mississippi, was traveling Saturday through Kansas on a tour bus that became entangled in a massive pileup on an ice-laden Interstate 70.

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"Most of us were standing there in the middle of the bus just watching everything unfold."

He was standing up when the crash occurred, and said it felt like nothing more than a shove.

"When the cars started hitting us we were at a dead stop."


No one on the bus was injured, but he said he saw people all around being taken away. People in the group tried to help injured travelers, he said.

"We were just glad that afterwards we were able to get out and help everybody that needed it." E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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