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I-Party, I-Resolve, I-Remember: I-Reporters ring in the new year

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(CNN) -- Another year, another opportunity to reflect and look forward.

Dina McGhghy's third-grade class at Cedargrove Elementary in Covina, California, sends New Year cheer.

As millions of people across the planet say goodbye to 2007 and hello to 2008, asked readers to share their New Year's resolutions, memories and well wishes.

Many readers sent in their photos of New Year's parties present and past. Photo See I-Report photos »

Others put their well wishes on video. Video Watch I-Report videos »

Many readers shared their resolutions via e-mail. Below is a selection of those responses, some of which have been edited for length and clarity.

Carrie Alexander of Dallas, Texas
I resolve to have more fun in 2008! I am a perfectionist, list-making queen and have been so focused on getting things done that I tend to take myself and life WAY too seriously. I am not in control of anything, it could all change in a second, or my life could end at any moment. So, I'm going to smile and laugh more in 2008.

Laura Williams of Granite City, Illinois
Our 17- & 18-year-old sons convinced us that seeing Times Square on New Year's Eve was a "chance of a lifetime" opportunity. My resolution is to spend more quality time with the kids, so, THAT is what we are doing.

The I-Party
Anderson Cooper brings the party to you, live from Times Square with special guest Kathy Griffin.
Tonight at 11 p.m. ET

Johnetta Gholston of Richmond, Virginia
My New Year's resolutions:
1. Lose 20 lbs...
2. Learn how to play the acoustic guitar...
3. Purchase my first home by December '08...
4. Save more and spend less...
5. Grow spiritually...
6. Take my hobby of photography to the next level....

Matheus Silva of Natal, Brazil
Hello Everybody from CNN! I wish you a great year. This next year will be much more than a simple road in the life. It will be a time when we must build a better society. We, as human persons, must create a place where our son can live without big problems. I hope that we can do it better, make a new world. Happy New Year!!!

David Echegoyen of Huntington Park, California
Today is the day and now is the time to aim high and strive for perfection in all my endeavors. From this moment on I will live life fully and completely and make a conscious effort to not waste time. For I understand that if I am slow to choose or pursue goals, foolishly believing I have many days, weeks, months or years to achieve them, I will most likely never accomplish my objectives.

Marian Brandenburg of Nathrop, Colorado
At 84 years, I resolve to lose 30+- lbs, start walking regularly with my hiking poles, so that I can hike next September on 4 Mile Creek Trail the 8 miles to the other side of the mountain with my daughter and grandson. Now that I have two new knees and a pacer, I'm raring to go!

Shannon Dyer Owens of Pensacola, Florida
My greatest wish for 2008 is for Lee, Lila and Luke to be happy, healthy and nice to their mother! LOL!

Rhonda Rodriguez of Athens, Alabama
I plan on spending more time with my children (Patricia & Jesse Kelley)! I love you both!!!

Wendy Hardy of Scottsdale, Arizona
Mom & Dad: Happy New Year to the most wonderful, supportive and loving parents in the world. I love you with all my heart.

Leslie Phillips of Seattle, Washington
I resolve to use not paper or plastic cups. At coffee shops and parties, I will bring my own or decline. It's seemingly a small thing but I wonder what the environmental impact would be if say 10,000 people or even a million made a similar resolution. Living in Seattle (coffee shop central), it seems such little steps could go a long way if adopted in the aggregate. For now, I'll start with me.

Susan Miller of Dallas, Georgia
Happy New Year to my friends Bob and Kathy Payne in California, all my friends and family in Georgia , Michigan, New Jersey and New York, and my Widespread Panic friends. Love and miss you, Sue

Tanja Nielsen of Charleston, South Carolina
2007 was a great year because I finally got a divorce! 2008 - come on!!!!!!!!

Shalawn Brown of Los Angeles, California
I resolve to get my artwork out into the public domain for public consumption. I resolve to not allow any type of fear into my life in '08.

Deborah Patrick of Phoenix, Arizona
I resolve to read more American and world history and watch less television.

Nancy, Jordelle and David Beja of Lawrenceville, Georgia
Ringing in the New Year with close friends, DJ, drinks, plenty of food, dancing and fun. Happy New Year 2008!

Roxanne Maness of McKinleyville, California
I resolve to save more money so that I can take the trip to Italy that I have always dreamt about.

Heidi Berg of Puyallup, Washington
Top ones that I hope to accomplish before The New Year begins: stop swearing, don't use God's name in vain, even the small lies are wrong, no more harmful substances to my body. Never give up on my soul mate.

Melissa Jimenez of Palm Coast, Florida
My New Year's resolution is to see more of my son then working all the time. Be there for my family and also my partner in life. I love you, Shana! I want to be there for all and especially my mother. She's very sick and I'm scared of losing her. I lost my father in September 11th, and I would not know what to do if I lost another parent. Love Melissa.

Linda Smith of Sun City, California
Let ALL you say and ALL you do bring MORE peace into the world this year!

Debbie Darby of Denham Springs, Louisiana
My four resolutions for 2008:
1. Get organized
2. Increase donations to St. Jude Hospital
3. Stop stressing so much
4. Get an MBA


Lori Sanchez of Shelton, Connecticut
Happy New Year to my daughter, Andrea, and friends visiting family in New Delhi, India!

Sheri Velarde of Albuquerque, New Mexico
I have big plans for 2008:
1. Finally beat cancer after over ten years of battling the disease
2. Become as healthy as possible through diet and exercise
3. Become a published author
4. Hold my very own art gallery show
5. And of course meet Anderson Cooper, if I succeed in all the above I think I deserve to be on "AC 360," don't you agree? E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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