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When they told me Youssif went into multiple surgeries after his most important surgery earlier this month, I was in shock. I thought that the surgery had failed. Even now I feel ill at ease, I am still worried about him.

I am tired. I am mentally exhausted. Sometimes I talk to myself. I think that I am in a dream, and I think that Youssif wasn't burned. This whole thing is like a nightmare. I keep wishing that it was just a dream. It changed our entire lives.

His face is gone. It's impossible that he will have his face back, maybe he'll get 70 percent of it back. Sometimes when he sleeps I just look at him and cry. Maybe it's just that I want my son back quickly, and this is something that takes time.

I can't deal with seeing him like this; I am impatient. And then I try to convince myself to be strong.

At least now he can eat -- just recently he was saying, "Mommy, look how much food I can put in my mouth." Read full article »

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Rescuing Youssif
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