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A message from Nancy

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Nancy Grace and her husband David Linch welcomed their twins, Lucy Elizabeth and John David on Sunday, November 4, 2007. John David was born at 1:54 p.m. ET and weighed 5 lbs., 1 oz. Lucy Elizabeth was born at 1:55 p.m. ET and weighed 2 lbs., 15 ozs.


Headline News' Nancy Grace gave birth to twins on November 4, 2007.

January 11, 2008 Nancy says: For the past nine months or so, I have been reading nothing but breaking news articles, legal cases, and article upon article about baby growth and illnesses. I have obsessed on various illnesses and syndromes and between bursts of joy and moments of contentment, between feedings and rockings and snapping photos with the ever-ready fun cameras (disposable), I worry. I look deep into their eyes, I study their movements, I feel their foreheads for fever, I call the pediatrician helpline, I carry a nasal aspirator everywhere I go. I search for signs. I have been waiting for some signs of certain eye contact...all the articles say this is highly indicative and the lack thereof suggests a host of serious disorders. Yesterday, I opened a gift, little fuzzy animals and insects to attach to strollers. I attached it with velcro to the sides of their bassies. When I laid them inside last night...a miracle. They spotted them and reached out to touch! Once again, my prayers were answered. I know it sounds like a small achievement, but when you love something so much, even tiny little things that weigh less than ten pounds each, everything is a wonder! Thank you for your continuing prayers and well wishes for the twins. I flash back to moments when they were attached to so many tubes in neonatal intensive care, I wouldn't allow myself to count them. I am full of joy...they spotted the fuzzies and took a swing!!!! --Ngrace

January 7, 2008 Nancy says: I just kissed the twins, tiptoed away, and closed the door. I did what my mom did and my grandmother before her, went to work. I hated leaving them, but look forward to analyzing cases, missing people, crimes on children, and unsolved homicides. Just two short months ago, I never dreamed this night could be possible....two healthy children...a boy and a girl....happy and sleeping...a family....a job. Blessings everywhere! Just this weekend Lucy suddenly held her bottle! John David began smiling and following me with his eyes. It still hurts to remember how frail and tiny they were in the neo-natal unit, how it hurt to leave them there each night after I had been released. But the happy times are so much greater! For the first time, John David loved his bath (Lucy views it as a spa treatment and always has!). Every day something wonderful happens in my life because of them. Dreams do come true. Miracles do happen. God heard your prayers. See you on the airwaves, friend. Let's do some justice. -- Ngrace

December 17, 2007: I just visited Nancy and her babies. When I walked in, John David was sleeping on Nancy, and Lucy was in a car seat right next to them. Nancy was so happy: all she did was stare at them, hold them, just love them. She is so in love, tears welled up in my eyes the whole time, knowing how Nancy was so sick with the blood clots, and how far she's come since then. They all seemed so at peace. I could not get over how identical the twins looked to each other. Lucy is so healthy and happy, a littler version of her one minuter older sibling John David. When they were awake, John David was so calm, and Lucy reminded me of Nancy: she was waving her hands trying to talk:) They are the perfect combination of Nancy and her husband David. Nancy is looking forward to coming back on the airwaves January 7-she says she misses chatting with her viewers and wants to thank everyone for their prayers and support. -Dean, Nancy Grace's Executive Producer, just returning from Nancy's home, meeting the twins for the first time

December 12, 2007: Nancy says: Today I put two little Santa hats on the twins! I am sitting them in front of the tree for a photo and was hoping the hats aren't too big...they are not! What a Christmas gift I have this year!

Tomorrow morning the twins weigh in at the doctor's office....last time they were at 7pounds 14 ounces for John David and 5 pounds 14 ounces for Little Lucy. Amazing when you think she came into this world at just over two pounds. She is nearly eating as much as John David. I remember standing up out of a wheelchair at her tiny bed in the neo-natal unit, hooked up to so many tubes. Now she weighs nearly six pounds.

It truly is the seaaon for miracles. ngrace

December 10, 2007: Nancy says: Today we three camped out on the sofa with Christmas carols on low and the Christmas tree lights on. They loved it!

I went on one errand this weekend. Sunday afternoon I went and got them baby Santa hats and their first Christmas presents, books. They are very small for very small hands to hold one day, I pray.

Somehow I'm going to hold both of them and the cat (Coco), all of us in Santa hats for a picture.

They love to sleep and I love to hold them while they sleep so we are MFEO (meant for each other)!

I am looking at Lucy now, the tree lights shining on her, and I think back on how I nearly lost her in the hospital, she was so tiny and frail.

The two of them.... miracles!

Thank you for your prayers and kind wishes, ngrace

December 4, 2007: Nancy says: Little Lucy is making great progress. I've been very worried about her because she barely weighed two pounds when she was born. The doctors had estimated she weighed much more, but when she arrived we found out differently.

Today I was stunneed, I saw her little face had filled out! She looks like the Gerber baby! Big eyes with round cheeks and a smile that breaks your heart. I'm so grateful....she is past five pounds I'm sure! Her next weigh in at the doctor is Thursday morning. I can't wait!

Now John David is not afraid of a bottle! He weighed in at over seven pounds and when I pick him up I know he has gained. I'm so happy. It was just a month ago today they came into the world way before their time, watching them grow is a gift from Heaven for me. With every ounce, I breathe a little easier.

Please keep John David and little Lucy in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.....ngrace

December 3, 2007: Nancy says: I can't believe I am finally reunited with the twins! It is still an amazement to me! It was just awful when I was finally released from the hospital and would have to leave them behind in the preemie unit at nights to go home. It was especially hard when little Lucy was there alone. I was thinking about it as I changed and fed and put them to sleep today, one right after the other.

I do not dress them alike, but today they both had on yellow sleep outfits and the sun was shining through the window...they are beautiful.

I heard a wonderful thing today! John David screamed his head off for his bottle! They never do that! They buzz like little bees when they want something! You have to listen hard to hear them! It was so great to hear John David work those little lungs!!!

John David is up to seven pounds and little Lucy finally made it to five pounds, thank God! They were so tiny when they came into this world.

They are two little sunshines! I am so thankful you are praying for them! Ngrace

P.S. Another discovery today! The twins hate every music station except cool jazz! They love cool jazz! Hehe!

November 26, 2007: Nancy says: "Am finally home with both twins and am so blessed. Your prayers and kind thoughts are so powerful, thank you.

I wish you could see the twins right now. Even in separate bassinets, they turn their heads the same way, make the same motions, the same sounds, the same expressions. They are so bonded after being together for all those months. it makes me happy to know they will always have each other, I pray!

Being in the hospital for those two weeks was really something, but leaving the twins behind when I was discharged was the worst. Then, after John David came home, I could hardly stand leaving little Lucy there alone each day.

I am the happiest person in the world now that we are all together again. They still quiet down when I sing to them, the same old songs. Today, I held them, alternating one then the other, for five straight hours! We spent the afternoon, them eating and sleeping, I just watched their faces.

They look so much alike, Lucy just a minature version of her big brother! He is older by exactly one minute. I hope to introduce them to you when I come back to the airwaves if they are up to it. They are so tiny and fragile. I think you will love them too!

What a Christmas this will be!!
I still can't believe something so wonderful happened to me! Dreams really can come true! Ngrace"

November 20, 2007: Nancy spoke to People magazine yesterday and told them: 'she is spending " ...pretty much all my time" at the hospital so she can be with son John David and daughter Lucy Elizabeth, who were born November 4. The twins, who have "golden blonde hair and greenish blue eyes," are sleeping in the same bassinet. John David, who "just passed the five-pound mark," says Grace, "will likely come home before his sister, Lucy Elizabeth, who now tips the scales at 3 lbs, 6 oz." Grace hopes to return home to New York by early December but says, "It all depends on when Lucy can travel." '

November 15, 2007: Nancy says: "Lucy and John David are still in the preemie unit. Please continue your prayers. I know they are being heard because the doctors say the twins are doing well. John david is up to 5 and a half pounds and Lucy is approaching 4 pounds! They are both taking bottles and I pray and believe, they are close to having tubes removed.

Today, they slept side by side, swaddled in one blanket, with matching hats on. I decided that is how their first official photo will be made. The preemie unit has a lady that goes around with a cart taking baby photos and of course I'm signing up!

I can't wait to introduce them to you on air when I am finally back at work, God willing. They are the joy of my life. I never knew such a love.

Please continue to pray and think of them. I feel so positive and hopeful when I read your emails and cards, hopeful for the day we will all come home as a family. Ngrace"

November 15, 2007: Nancy's husband, David, spoke to People magazine yesterday and said Nancy was: "...doing pretty doggone good." He went on to say that the swelling around Nancy's legs and feet is pretty much gone. He added that the twins are doing great. "They're out of the critical area and have stabilized pretty well."

November 14, 2007: From Dean, Nancy's Executive Producer: "I spoke to Nancy and she appreciates everyone's thoughts and prayers. She misses all of you!"

November 12, 2007: Nancy says: "Lucy Elizabeth and John David both lost weight at first, but now they are gaining. She is feisty and he is laid back -- we even have to wake John David up to make him eat. Every night during the pregnancy I would sing them to sleep with the same songs after the show; and now, when they are fussy, I hold them and sing the same songs and they immediately calm down... So maybe they do remember the last few months. Their favorite seems to be "Swing Low Sweet Chariot!" They both smile all the time. They wear the hats that you sent in to maintain their body temperature. I know in my heart they would not be doing this well without your love and prayers, please keep praying! I miss you guys, Ngrace"

November 9, 2007: Dean, Nancy's Executive Producer, spoke to Nancy last night: "Nancy says the twins are doing great! They are beautiful and she absolutely cannot wait to bring them home. She is so appreciative of all the well wishes from her viewers."

November 7, 2007: Nancy says: "At this moment I am holding John David for the very first time and its true what they say....he was crying and when he heard his mother's voice he got completely still. I wonder what he will be when he grows up and what side he will part his hair on. P.S. I snuck his hat off and I think he is beautiful."

" ... now I am with Lucy Elizabeth. I was totally wrong....she is the most beautiful thing I have seen. I wonder if either of them can remember the last 8 months? She is holding my right index finger with her right hand. I wonder if she will paint her fingernails or be a pro-baseball player. I want to hug them so hard but I don't want to hurt them."

November 6, 2007: Nancy says: "I just visited Lucy Elizabeth and John David last night in the neonatal unit. They were worth every ache, every pain, and every risk. Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts speeding our ways." E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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