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With the number of uncontained fires down to nine in Southern California, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger turned his attention Saturday to what he called "the ugly side of human behavior" during and after the disaster.

At least two of the fires were started intentionally and two more have suspicious origins, he said during a news conference, issuing a warning for the arsonists.

"We will hunt down the people that are responsible for that," he said.

"If I were one of the people who started the fires, I would not sleep soundly right now, because we're right behind you," Schwarzenegger said, urging the culprits to turn themselves in. Watch the governor's tough message

Authorities said Saturday they were following 1,700 tips about a white Ford F-150 pickup that may be a lead in determining who set the sprawling Santiago Fire in Orange County. Read full article »

CNN's Kyra Phillips, Allan Chernoff, Keith Oppenheim and Jacqui Jeras contributed to this report.

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