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Firefighters on Friday controlled fourteen of nearly two dozen Southern California wildfires, which authorities have directly blamed for seven deaths.

Five days of wildfires in the southern part of the state have charred 497,963 acres -- 778 square miles -- or about three-quarters of the size of Rhode Island, officials said. Arson is suspected in two of the fires.

In a sign of progress, CBS announced the NFL's San Diego Chargers will play as scheduled Sunday at Qualcomm Stadium, where thousands of evacuees have sought shelter this week.

Airborne firefighters dropping water on flames near San Diego concentrated Friday on stopping wildfires south of Highway 76, which runs east from Oceanside in northern San Diego County.

"A lot of good work was done last night because of the rise in the humidity and the cooler temperatures," said firefighter battalion chief John Winder. "We made a lot of progress. We're looking pretty good." Read full article »

CNN's Kyra Phillips, Allan Chernoff, Keith Oppenheim and Jacqui Jeras contributed to this report.

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