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As wildfires raged and thousands of Californians evacuated their homes, readers shared their stories of heroism, words of thanks and offers of assistance.

Heather Storke of Oceanside, California Just a quick note to share a California fire story which has not yet been told, about some amazing heroes who saved my grandma and hundreds of other elderly and disabled people in Poway, California, today.

At 6 this morning my parents, Ted and Donna Storke, who live in Oceanside (a few blocks from Camp Pendleton), received a call from the Villa Monte Vista Care Center where my grandma, Mary Storke, lives. They were notified that the hundreds of residents who live there were going to be evacuated because the fires had rapidly advanced overnight and were entering Poway.

My parents quickly went to go get my Gram. The closer they got to Poway, the thick cloud of smoke turned the sky as dark as pitch black night. When they arrived, there was a fleet of school buses waiting to evacuate the center's residents whose families were unable to get there.

My parents said the center's staff was amazing! They were calm and totally organized and efficient. They had my Gram (and all residents) packed up and ready to be moved at a moment's notice. Read full article »

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