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California wildfires: Your e-mails

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(CNN) -- With nearly a million California residents evacuated from their homes, families and friends across the country are wondering if their loved ones are safe. asked readers to share their stories.

The following e-mails are organized alphabetically by submitters' last names. Click here to read the A-L submissions.


I-Reporter Bobby Meyers captured this photo Monday evening in Lake Forest, California.

Alberto Malinow of San Diego, California
I evacuated with my wife Viviana and daughter Marsha to friend's home in San Carlos, where we are safe.

Marianne McClure of Ventura, California
I am safe south of Santa Barbara.

Marla McGuire of San Diego, California
We are safe in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Courtney Meyer of San Diego, California
Last I heard, Qualcomm has not yet been deemed a Red Cross site, so they have no access to aid. They are asking other people in the county to donate supplies to them, and volunteers are being trained on an hourly basis at various locations to help. Cell phones are now restricted to emergency use only.

The ash is so thick it gets in your eyes, and my nose is full of ash just from going outside a couple times in the Solana Beach area we have evacuated to from Carmel Valley. Horrible traffic, no hotels from Tijuana to Anaheim have vacancies.

My boyfriend lives in Rancho Santa Fe and started evacuating at 6 this morning. The reverse 911 calls came after the majority of the people left. He said it was like a dome of red and smoke all around them. I left my house in Carmel Valley at 10 a.m. when the mayor announced it as mandatory. Most of the people were already gone by then or just about to leave.

All schools in the entire county are closed today and tomorrow. Miramar Reservoir is currently being evacuated. Cal State San Marcos has been evacuated. There is also a fire in Fallbrook that is growing rapidly, and I believe there are some road closures near there. Traffic is 15 mph from Del Mar Heights to the 78.

Kathy Moreno of Rancho Bernardo, California
I got evacuated 4 a.m. yesterday.

Connie Hurden Munoz of Poway, California
Our family and pets are safe. Inquiries are being received by my cousin Frances at

Kathie Novotny of Santee, California
I have been watching your coverage on CNN and find it impossible to believe that you are not reporting that the 250,000 residents evacuated are in San Diego and San Diego County. There are eight separate fires raging in this area with no end currently in sight. Temperatures are in the 80s and 90s, wind gusts are as high as 70 mph, and moisture is below 10%. Consequently, planes have not been able to fly due to smoke and winds in order to bring some control to these fires. The National Guard is being activated to help. One person is dead, 18 injured, 4 of them firemen. The fires are 0% contained at this point. I think it is important for you to cover this because we are nowhere near Malibu or the castle you continue to show. Many homes have already burned in our communities. This fire is far worse than the Cedar Fire four years ago. Check out San Diego Insider if you need footage and details. Thank you for your assistance in sharing this with our families throughout the country.

Luis Nunez of Carlsbad, California
We evacuated early this morning and are safe at a friend's home in Los Angeles. We pray for all of us affected families. May God smile upon us and stop the fires sharply on its tracks NOW!

Mischa Pearson of San Diego, California
Safe in Colorado.

Robert Peek of Escondido, California
We have evacuated safely. Staying at SashaŠ.

Jason Pesch of Tucson, Arizona
I have spoken with Lynn and Bill, both of whom are safe. Lynn is at a shelter at some high school, and Bill is stuck up near the office as the roads are all closed to get back home. Ginger is fine also hanging out with Mom at the shelter!! We are all praying for the safety of all those affected by these fires.

Terrance Powell of Canyon Country, California
We evacuated around 8 p.m. Sunday and stayed at a friend's for the evening. When we left our home, the fire looked a lot closer than I was comfortable with. I called some co-workers and made sure they were OK. I called the realty company, and they said that the fire had left my area and moved closer to Saugus, California, where it is currently burning. The winds are intense and strong. Overall, I think people are handling this very well. Everyone seems to be cooperating with fire and law enforcement teams. Thank you for this opportunity.

Murali Ramaswamy of San Diego, California
Cristina "Ruas de Melo," Murali Ramaswamy and little dog Bella are safe in Coronado Island.

Brenda Randall of Descanso, California
Most of us are without electricity or phone since yesterday. I have hooked up a generator to receive some news and updates on the firestorm. This will last until I run out of fuel. The nearest gas station is 15 miles away. We need the winds to stop pushing this wall of flames before this will be over for us.

Stephanie Reice of New York City, New York
My sister, her husband, two sons and an au pair were evacuated from their brand-new home that they just moved into this past summer at 3:15 this morning. She called and told me that they would have driven to my father's house in Aliso Viejo but couldn't get there, so they had to drive to her mother-in-law's house in San Diego. She has just heard that at this time, the fire has been contained near her home (a neighbor called her to say that he found out that the new development is OK), but it's impossible for her to get back home due to the road closures. Of course. I've been praying for her and her family all day and now I'm praying for all the other families that have been affected by this. We're just so lucky that she has somewhere to go and I am very aware that many families don't. I pray for everyone's safety.

Myron, Linda and Paul Reichert of Rancho Santa Fe, California
We are OK.

Anna Sailors of Ramona, California
Lesa, Skip, Rustin and Shea Sailors; John Gallucci; and Julie Fry. We're all OK, praying and hope others are safe! God bless you and your families!

Ronnie Sanchez of San Elijo Hills, California
My wife and I woke up at 6 this morning to a thick wave of black smoke covering the majority of our community. We spent the next five minutes packing clothes, photo albums, our computers and things for the baby. From there, we rushed to our brother-in-law's house in Cardiff, very close to the beach, and have been hanging out ever since, hoping the house is OK. ... Hope everyone is safe out there in San Diego.

Lauren Sapp of San Diego, California
Evacuated Del Mar, in Encinitas with family. Will be evacuating to Carlsbad if things get worse.

James Saunders of Carlsbad, California
I want to let my children in Bettendorf, Iowa, know I'm OK, I love them.

Christine Savanella of Oceanside, California
Jessica and I are safe in the San Diego Airport. We're evacuating to Connecticut for some much needed R&R. Scary stuff happening -- wasn't really in the mood to sit around and watch the snow ... I mean ash.

Laura Sebekos of Malibu, California
Burkhart/Sebekos family evacuated the Big Rock area of Malibu yesterday (Sunday). We are doing fine!

Heidi Sell of Fallbrook, California
We evacuated early, at about 12:30 p.m. today. Packed up the kids, the dog and the hamster and went west on 76 to the 5. Rented hotel near Disney. My son Brent (20) stayed behind and just left our home at 3 p.m. due to mandatory evacuations. Said the sky was black and smoke was thick.

Gordon and Paula Shipton of Dulzura, California
They are safe and out of the area.

Heather Short of San Diego, California
Thank you to local news media and San Diego police department for getting the word out quickly about evacuations. My family and I loaded up our truck at 7 this morning and are taking refuge at our office in Mira Mesa, CA, until it's safe to go back home. Our thoughts and prayers are with families who have lost their homes, and God bless the firefighters who are working around the clock to keep us safe.

Michele Shull of Anthem, Arizona
I am a native San Diegan. I am extremely saddened by the wild fires which have caused my brother, my sister-in-law Maryanne, nephews Bryce and Brandt, nieces Brielle and Brooke to be evacuated from Rancho Penasquitos to my nephew's home in Del Mar. I am so also worried for my parents, Jack and Sarah Young, who are waiting it out in Escondido. My son T.J. and daughter Rachel Faye (who is safe at college in Chico, Ca) are saying prayers for all out family and friends.

Tiffany Smith of Camp Pendleton, California
I have been informed that a portion of Camp Pendleton has been evacuated due to the Fallbrook fire, fortunately an area with no homes. De Luz housing and surrounding areas have been advised to be prepared.

Rita Stevens of San Marcos, California
Myself, Katrina and Brady evacuated and are safe. Thanks for your help!

The Storm family of Carlsbad, California
Safe -- evacuating.

Jessica Terwilliger-Kerr of Paso Robles, California
Ron Terwilliger, are you OK? I love you.

Peter Townshend of Rancho Santa Fe, California
Evacuated Rancho Santa Fe ... all safe.

Johnathon Unkel of Las Flores, California
I am in the sixth grade, and the Santiago Fire is about 5-6 miles from my school and home. I could smell and see the smoke all day from this horrible fire, while I was at school. I go by the 241 toll road four times a week, when I go to ice hockey practice. It is really dry and bad along this road. Why do people start fires like this?

Bob and Sue Van Dahlen of Escondido, California
I'm sending this on behalf of Bob and Sue -- they didn't have time to take their computer with them; I've spoken with them on Sue's cell phone, and they are safe and staying in a hotel and waiting to be allowed to get back to check on their home, which they hope will be this afternoon. They live in the 1400 block of Sierra Vista Drive and have been told that homes have burned in the 1300 block, but they haven't heard any reports about their block.

Sue reported that the air quality is dreadful, and many people are wearing masks to facilitate breathing, but they have been unable to find any masks for themselves because they all have been sold out; so they are staying inside their room. She said even the police officer stationed at the entrance to their neighborhood is reporting having respiratory and other symptoms, even with a mask with a filter on it. Please keep all of them in prayer, Carol McIntosh

Ann Van Der Veen of Coronado, California
I work at the COSTCO Carmel Mtn Location. I stayed home when the message went out not to go to the affected areas.

Virginia Wall of Sierra Vista, Arizona
I spoke to my son early Monday morning by phone. He was in the San Marcos area and had been visiting friends over the weekend. He could not get on the interstate to get back to Cal State Fullerton to attend Monday classes. Advised him to stay put where he was safe, until he can get on the road again.

Jeneen Wallig of Jamul, California
Mom, Harry and I are all doing well. We have taken all that is precious to us.

Kate Wasson of San Diego, California
I spoke with Kate. She has been evacuated and is looking for shelter, but she is safe. She says her classes at UCSD are cancelled for now, as is the Target store where she works. -- Her dad

Josh Weinstock of Malibu, California
Today I watched my house and all of my belongings burn down to the ground. A lifetime of memories have just been burned into thin air. The heat is just unbearable. I feel like I am as close to hell as one can get. At least my family and I are safe.

Lois and John Wheeler of Poway, California
We are OK, in Poway Civic Center. Home is in danger, and we will contact those once we have heard about the home, but John and I are OK.

Greg Wu of Whittier, California
Dear sister, Yan Lin in Connecticut: Your nephew Brain Wu and his other 4 roommates escaped to Los Angeles from San Diego this afternoon. UCSD is closed this week.


Melissa Young of East Orange, New Jersey
Ashley and the kids are OK ... they are on their way to Grandma's house!!!

Evan Zucker of San Diego, California
We lost our house in Scripps Ranch four years ago this week. Today we were ordered to evacuate our rebuilt home in Scripps Ranch. There was a lot of traffic leading out of Scripps Ranch, but once we reached I-15, there was no significant traffic on any of the freeways. Just like four years ago, we are staying at a hotel on the beach waiting to hear if our house survived.

Amber Zupancic-Albin of San Diego, California
We have evacuated our home in Carmel Valley due to the fires and smoke. The air quality is so poor everywhere we go, it seems. We've taken refuge at my husband's office in Del Mar on the coast, and you can't even see the ocean the smoke is so thick. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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