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With nearly a million California residents evacuated from their homes, families and friends across the country are wondering if their loved ones are safe. asked readers to share their stories.

The following e-mails are organized alphabetically by submitters' last names. Click here to read the M-Z submissions.

Courtney Adams of Costa Mesa, California I'm downwind from the Irvine/Santiago Fire. The air quality is really bad! I'm grateful my home is not in danger. However, for those exposed to the smoke, I'm finding that some Tylenol helps with the headache, a saline nasal spray keeps the nose from drying out and Vicks inhaler is letting me breathe. Just my two cents. I'm trying to stay healthy and available to help out where needed. I'm at a public library about 7 miles from the fire. The A/C and wi-fi are great. Read full article »

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