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Your e-mails: Reaction to police using Taser on student

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Editor's note: Several commenters have asked to see the full video of the incident, so we've posted it here Video. Take a look and let us know what you think -- does seeing the longer version affect your opinion?

(CNN) -- Two University of Florida police officers were placed on leave Tuesday after using an electronic stun gun to subdue a student questioning Sen. John Kerry at a campus forum.

We asked readers what they thought and whether the reaction was appropriate. Below is a selection of those responses, some of which have been edited for length and clarity.


Clarissa Jessup, who sent I-Report video of the incident to CNN, said Tasered student Andrew Meyer had given her his camera to record his questions.

Cosmo Quattrone of Schaumburg, Illinois
Being a former police officer trained and certified to carry a Taser, I feel that the actions of the officers in Florida were not necessary. As part of training, police are taught to not escalate situations but rather to defuse them. The incident in Florida is a clear example how not to handle a situation. At no time did I witness a situation that warranted the tasing of that student. The officers executed poor judgment and took the wrong course of action.

Craig Haney of Chattanooga, Tennessee
Do what the police ask and you won't get tased. What a crybaby! If you act like a jerk in public you are going to get treated like one. He wanted to make a statement and he did.

David Evans of Akron, Ohio
The police already had him pinned on the ground. There was no need to use a Taser. I think police enjoy using their Tasers a little too much. It seems they are used for punishing people on the spot. If they do this in a room full of people, can you imagine what they do in private? Shame on the police!

Bill Clark of Decatur, Illinois
To me it's really very simple. When a police officer tells you to do something -- you do it. To do otherwise is just asking the officer to show you that they aren't kidding. This jerk was lucky he was only tased.

Lee Macklin of Redondo Beach, California
He should have just complied and left. Once he was on the ground, he should have just complied with the authorities and rolled onto his stomach. I think he was trying to make his removal an incident. I say Taser him again for the heck of it.

Gerald Halloran of New York, New York
These things are no joke. A college roommate of mine thought it would be funny to use a stun gun on me while I was sleeping. He asked me what it felt like... and frankly -- I was stunned.

Tom Koons of High Point, North Carolina
I think the police overreacted and violated this young man's right to free speech. They should be suspended.

Armando Diaz of San Antonio, Texas
It was a setup job. It looks like this guy did it to get media coverage. I just hope the masses can see through the ploy.

Kevin McDonald of Annapolis, Maryland
While this person was purposely being obnoxious for the sake of publicity, this does not excuse the use of the Taser. If a bouncer can remove a patron from a bar without the use of a Taser, then six policemen should have the strength to remove a person from a room without potentially threatening their lives. Tasers do occasionally kill people and should not be used haphazardly when there is a safer alternative available.

Jim Montgomery of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
That's what Tasers are for, to subdue a person without risking the officers or the person they are arresting. I don't understand what the fuss is about, from the tape the guy clearly was not doing what the officers told him to do. The officers should get an award for not losing their tempers. I think they handled it great.

Victor Lopez of Round Rock, Texas
This guy was obviously an antagonist with a complete disrespect for an invited speaker. He got what he wanted out of the ordeal and should have left when asked -- what did he expect? I don't agree that the officers should have used a stun gun on this poor guy though. It looked like there were enough large officers to subdue this guy without the use of electric shock. He wasn't a threat to anyone, just loud and obnoxious! Bad decision.

John McCorcle of Midland, Texas
There's a fine line here that many people will not be able to see. This man was not tased because he overstayed his welcome at the podium or would not stop speaking. He was tased after repeatedly being asked to stop resisting and to leave peacefully. It was a last resort used by the officers and in my mind, absolutely justified.


Catherine Costello of Stamford, Connecticut
When an officer of the law tells you to stand down, hands on your head, or pull over, you do it. If you don't, you are in contempt and should be punished. The officers were correct in using a Taser on the student to defuse the situation.

They could have used a much more severe type of control but didn't. We need to let the police do their jobs and people need to understand that there will be a consequence for their actions, like being tased for not listening to the police. Good for the police, they should be commended for their actions. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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