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Your e-mails: 'Miracles still happen'

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  • Viewers and readers write to CNN about coverage of Youssif
  • Iraqi boy who was set on fire by masked men arrives for treatment
  • 12,000 CNN readers contributed to fund to help 5-year-old Youssif

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(CNN) -- After hearing the story of Youssif, CNN readers and viewers around the globe responded with speed and generosity.

Youssif, here with Dr. Peter Grossman, faces at least eight to 10 operations over the next six to eight months.

The story prompted an outpouring of support to get help for the 5-year-old. More than 12,000 users have contributed to a fund set up by the Children's Burn Foundation, the nonprofit organization that paid for the family's travel and is covering all of Youssif's medical bills.

Here are some of the comments CNN has received.

Jennifer of the United States
My name is Jennifer and I read at least once a day as I have for at least the past 7 years. I felt the need to write today because I am so pleased to see the article "Youssif and family arrive in U.S.: 'Am I in heaven?'' on the frontpage. In a time when positive news often makes the 'small print' in news... (if even that... !) it was really refreshing to read first thing in the morning. Thank you for bringing this positive article.

H. Egua of Nigeria
It is great news that miracles still happen in this troubled world. As a journalist, I have followed the story of the little Iraqi boy and I am very happy that Youssif will smile again. God bless CNN for giving the boy life again.

D. Dimal of Dubai, UAE
Youssif's heart wrenching story is slowly turning into a heartwarming and hopeful story amidst the never-ending coverage of the war on terror. We should be seeing and learning about these kinds of uplifting and moving stories more and I am wishing Youssif and his family all the best on his operation. God bless.

M. Eje of Port Harcourt Nigeria
Youssif's story is a story of hope, inspiration & courage to all those who are grieving out there. It is quite inspiring & refreshing to know that there are people out there who give out so much joy & hope to other people. God bless Children's Burn Foundation & I wish Youssif a successful operation in the US & a good life ahead.

Z. Sadat of Pakistan
It was heartening to see the little boy enjoying life, like young kid his age would normally do. I commend his parents for their courage and patience... I wish Youssif, his family and many like him enough happiness to keep their spirit alive and everlasting.

Chijioke of Nigeria
I pray that the series of surgery the boy will undergo will be successful and a big thank you to the foundation.

Emmanuel of Cameroon
I will like to know how the child I saw at CNN news today is feeling and also would like to see pics of him before and after the operation.

M. Ahmed of Mysore, India
Ms. Damon's story on the Iraqi boy Youssif who became the victim of a barbaric attack, was touching. May God help the boy and his family.

A. Declan of Den Haag, Netherlands
The story of the Iraqi child shows how some people can be heartless. All I wish to say is with God he will be alright. THANKS to those who can help and are willing to help. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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