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Tonight's Fact File

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Here are some facts from tonight's program.

Outrageous Comments

Mexican Ambassador to the United States Arturo Sarukhan, speaking to the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco, 9/10/07:

"If you listen to certain radio talk show hosts and certain cable networks, it would seem that Mexico is the first interested party in ensuring that the border is not secure. Nothing is further from the truth. Why? It's very simple. If there was to be a threat to the security of the United States by using the Mexico-U.S. border as a staging ground, the relationship as we have known it to this day would be over."

Dangerous Imports

Eight percent of toys are imported from China. (Toy Industry Association)

China overtook Canada as the number one source of U.S. imports in July. (US Commerce Department)

Despite the product safety scandal over Chinese imports, the trade deficit with China jumped 12.5 percent from June and 21.6 percent from a year ago. (US Commerce Department)

China bought only $4.8 billion in US goods in July.

Illegal Alien ID Cards

The staff of Mayor Newsom in San Francisco hopes the proposed ID card for illegal aliens will be ready by early 2008. Current city "ID" cards...which provide proof of residence in the city and county of San Franciso...are primarily used to gain access to cheaper greens fee's on public golf courses... The mayor would like to expand their use to provide city residents access to city services, regardless of immigration status.

Source: Mayor Newsom's Office E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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