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I-Reporters share their memories, photos of Princess Diana

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  • August 31, 2007, is 10th anniversary of Princess Diana's death
  • readers shared their thoughts on, images of Diana
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(CNN) -- It has been 10 years since Diana, Princess of Wales, was killed in a high-speed car crash in Paris.


Gary English took this picture of Diana and, to her right, Prince Charles, in Palm Beach, Florida, in 1987.

A decade after her death on August 31, 1997, Princess Diana remains a cultural icon -- an enduring figure of great intrigue and controversy in Britain and across much of the world.

We asked readers share their memories, thoughts, and images of Princess Diana. Below is a selection of their responses, some of which have been edited for length and clarity.

Chinelo Ikeh, Lagos, Nigeria
The message of today's memorial from both the Bishop and Prince Harry is a celebration of life and of a woman who still draws so much loved by people even after death.

I believe so strongly that after now, we should let her rest in peace and reflect on the words of the prayers of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Betty Mwangi, Nairobi, Kenya
I really miss princess Diana.She was my hero. I loved her with all my heart. She was so down to earth. How she cared for the needy the sick adn the lost. She was also a lady of taste. I miss her. She left a mark and no one can take her place.

Princess Diana I loved you but God loved you most. Though I can't see anymore but in my heart we are still together and your memories will always remain.

May God bless Prince Charles, Harry and William.

Jutta Olli, Rhodes, Greece
I suppose some people must divert themselves from the painful but simple truth in tragedy in order to give themselves a reason to go on living,a purpose to life. I think that as I watch CNN and as a parent try to understand the pain and anger of Mr Al Fajed as he holds his anual 2 minute silence to memorate the tragic death of his son Dodi and princess Diana.

Yet I must say that my heartfelt respects goes out to Diana's two son's and their courage to accept what has happend, cherish what is good in life and their remarkable efforts to make good out of their mother's legacy. Only their conduct as young men and their devotion to the memory of their mother is enough to make Diana a wonderful rolemodel for motherhood. She past on to her two boys such love and undeniable compassion for others, that looking at those two princes is a wonderful legacy of someone who is physically gone but her heart will go on in her sons.

A response to someone earlier today that thought Diana's legacy not worthwhile to rave about because she just married someone famous. It is not whom you marry it is what you do with the power it gves you that is important. What Diana did with hers will move mountains in humanity and in hearts of so many than just her beloved sons. If you miss the opportunity to bring out your children properly then does anything else really matter. Diana, you are my hero and I thank you for your life's work. Continue rest in peace.

Olaide Sanni, Lagos, Nigeria
I remember Diana as a strong woman who used her pain, fame and everything else God gave her to make life better for others. Her story is very dear to me because the story of her married life is similar to my mother's married life. My mother married a man much older than her who had an older mistress before the wedding and maintained the mistress during the marriage.

I therefore understand quite well, the sort of trauma her marriage to Charles must have been but she managed to put it all together and dedicate her life to helping people and touching the lives of others.

There aren't too many women like here. May her soul rest in peace.

Swarupananda Hazarika, Frankfurt, Germany
I felt the existence of Princes Diana as the most amazing and lovely personality that could ever exist. Today her loss seems like the world has lost a sparkling personality which they will always remember.

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Keni Sabel, The Philippines
The notion that a princess was deprived of her "happily ever after" at the height of her "once upon a time" surely beats Cinderella's story. History shall remember her as a larger than life character of the best fairy tale ever told that gone terribly wrong.

Eileen Anandappa Sri Lanka
I believe Princess Diana was the most beautiful loving and caring woman in the world.

Dr M Edwards
It is time to let the woman rest in peace. We should mourn someone's loss and move on and not revisit the tragedy year after year. As for the reconciliation, everyone involved should be invited which should include the loved ones of all who died in the car crash and the invite should come from Charles and the boys.

Carl, Timisoara, Romania
Hello, Diana is a flower wich never fades; Diana is a star on the dark sky wich never stops sparkling; Diana represents hope and joy for those who believed in her; Diana's smile cured the sick and the hopeless; Diana is the best thing that ever happend to the world. Please never forget her!

Solomon Ezinwoke, Nigeria
The important lessons that should not be lost out while marking this anniversary, are life of charity, good parenthood, tolerance, faithfulness and moral rectitude; some of these our dear Diana fell short in. The "humanness" in her! May her soul continue to rest in peace!

Antonio, Germany
It would be wise to leave the past behind. Those "unanswered questions" that surround the death of Lady Diana are of the type of mysteriousness which surrounds every big star who dies young eg. Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean etc. As long as there is no specific evidence that prooves the contrary Lady Di unfortunately died in a horrible car accident.

Prince Mcavoy Obughe, Maritania
Well all I could say is that Diana's death is a painful thing to me and also her death is a conspiracy, so I dont like talking about it. Unless the British have to tell us the truth, and also we should know that the inevitability can not be changed.

Khin Myoe Nyunt of Lampang, Thailand
I live very far from her, but she is always in my heart. I collected many books about her. I accept she is not only for the heart of the people of her country, but also for the people in the world. I never forget the charity work and social warefare that she participated. Wishing her sleep peacefully in heaven.

Marilyn Bell of Toronto, Canada
Diana was a beautiful lady I catch as many stories as I can about her. When I heard that she had died in the car crash I just couldn't believe it. I was sitting watching the TV and wanted so much to hear that it was a big mistake. Not till I got our papers the next morning did it finally sank in that Diana was gone. I felt so sad for her two boys without a mother. And they have grown up to be such handsome and lovely boys. I also stayed up all day to watch their wedding on the TV here in Canada. I would always read up on anything about what she was doing on landmines, meeting Mother Teresa, HIV patients ... you name it whatever she was doing she was beautiful. I will always remember the princess who I was hoping would one day be our queen.

Bea Emanuel of Minneapolis, Minnesota
My greatest memory of Diana was her sense of style and the class that she exuded. I always enjoyed seeing pictures of her in magazines, etc., and seeing what she was wearing -- also that beautiful smile.

Kimberly Gaines of Cincinnati, Ohio
While I never had the honor of meeting her, I was always impressed with her grace and courage under what certainly had to be immense pressures. I remember watching her wedding, and in later years, seeing her grow into a strong, independent woman who was a proud mother and fierce proponent of her causes.

Cori Leyton of Red Deer, Alberta
I remember all of the commotion of the wedding, and as a little girl I thought she had the "ideal princess wedding." As I grew up, the royals became a backdrop, except for the occasional scandal. Princess Di's breakup from Charles was welcomed by most of us in our generation because it freed her from a symbolic and unhappy marriage. What I remember most about Diana was her smile; when she smiled she made the room glow.

I remember very clearly the exact moment when the news broke of her death; I was studying for a final exam, and couldn't concentrate thereafter. ... It seemed so surreal: She was dead! My heart goes out to her children, everyone needs a mother, and the princes needed her immensely. Diana was a "normal beauty," one who, although her title was unattainable to us, our generation could look up to.

Steve Kalbach of Frankfurt, Kentucky
I don't see why this woman can't rest in peace without someone constantly bringing her death back up. She was beautiful and was very well liked the world over, but it's time to let her go. She's dead and gone and all the "ifs," "buts" or "what ifs" aren't going to bring her back.

Growing Up Diana
Soledad O'Brien investigates Diana's childhood.
8 p.m. ET, this weekend, Aug. 25, 26

Sally Eigenraam of New Britain, Connecticut
One of the fondest memories I have of Princess Diana is her wedding day. It was a very special day for me because my grandmother and I made a date to watch it on television. I took the day off from work and my grandmother made scones for the event. We couldn't wait for the wedding and to finally see Diana in her gown. My grandmother passed away shortly thereafter. During the many years of turmoil for Diana, I would always have that day with my grandmother to look back on... such a sweet and innocent day and a warm, beautiful memory.

Irene Di Napoli of Las Vegas, Nevada
I remember Diana with AIDS children in her lap, trying to ban land mines that were crippling children. She used her popularity to gain attention to needy causes. She was beautiful and charismatic. But I liked her because she tried to do something about her unhappy situation in marriage. There are so many women who could relate to her and follow her in attempts to get more out of life.

Nancy Gordon of Maclean, Virginia
The first time I saw Diana was in Braemar, Scotland. I went to the games the royal family attended. About 1,000 pipers meet every year here. I remember Diana arriving in a car on her own, coming down the road with pipers playing on both sides of the road. It was a very special moment. [Later] she sat on one corner of the stage on her own while the other members of the royal family stood together on the other side talking.

I must say when you saw Diana you felt like you had seen someone very special.

Patty Drew of Bremerton, Washington
Diana became the poster child for women who found themselves having to re-invent themselves after a divorce. I followed Diana faithfully as she blazed through a royal dysfunctional family. I went through a messy divorce the same time as Diana and found I actually could fly, thanks to her fortitude and grace. She was truly a royal in my world.

Stephanie Young of New Ipswich, New Hampshire
The week Diana was to be married I was in London visiting a friend. I bought a shiny book of colored pictures of the two of them and went to get my hair in London in the "Diana" style. I came home with everyone adoring my haircut and I feeling like I knew her. For years I happily kept up on news of Diana and Charles and looked forward to the births of her children and their lives.


Then in August of 1997, I was in my tomato garden expecting my fourth child. My family had just returned from church and it was a beautiful Sunday morning. "Hey Mom, did you hear Lady Diana died?" my son shouted. I just stopped in disbelief and sadness; tears formed in my eyes. Why did I react that way? Because she was special, a light in my life, someone sweet and good who was well liked, someone to look at on TV who all people liked. It was as if the world lost a special someone.

Susan Shelton of Versailles, Kentucky
I remember Diana as the person who connected with the common people. Until she married the prince, the members of the royal family were so aloof and unapproachable. She bridged the gap and made the royal family seem more like human beings. I sincerely hope that Prince Henry and Prince William can carry on her legacy. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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