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Your e-mails: Should the NFL ban Michael Vick?

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  • Michael Vick to take plea deal on dogfighting charges
  • NFL expected to announce how the case will affect his career
  • readers shared their thoughts on Vick's future, send your I-Report
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(CNN) -- Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is expected to plead guilty to federal conspiracy charges involving an illegal dogfighting operation, according to one of his attorneys.


Leah Perry, who sent this photo of son Bobby and dog Rosie, thinks Vick should not be allowed back on the field.

The plea deal may include prison time, but the NFL has not yet decided what football sanctions, if any, it should impose on Vick, a spokesman said.

We asked readers whether they thought Vick would -- or should -- play professional football again as well as their opinions on the case. Below is a selection of those responses, some of which have been edited for length and clarity.

Stephanie King of Arlington, Washington
Michael Vick is a disgrace. For anyone thinking he should be let off easy for admitting his guilt -- think again. The only reason he did that was because he knew the evidence against him was so great. Remember only shortly ago he was stating vehemently that he "only owned" the property and had no idea what was going on there. It wasn't until the eyewitness accounts were brought to light that he "apologized."

One cannot be "sorry" for torturing and killing animals. As you know it's been proven that those with the ability to do so also have a stronger chance of being abusive to humans. How can we allow someone like that to be a role model for children? If we do we're degrading our society and shame on us.

Patricia Reese of Paola, Kansas
Yes, I think Mr. Vick should be allowed to play football again. He is a talented individual and it would be a shame to waste that talent. I also believe he should be able to rebuild his life. However, as part of his restitution to society, I believe he should contribute at least 40% of his salary for what could have potentially been his maximum jail sentence to the Humane Society to help abused and abandoned animals.

Debbie Clayton of Greensboro, North Carolina
He should never be allowed to play [in the] NFL or earn a dime associated with the NFL. He should be made to work so many hours per week, every week, at minimum wage at an Animal Shelter.

Jeff Wise of Atlanta, Georgia
Why not give him a chance to play again? Seriously how many chances has the NFL given to Ricky Williams? Smoking pot is against the law, but he's been given a number of chances, and STILL isn't banned from the NFL!

Jeremy Montgomery of Mount Laurel, New Jersey
I think that Vick should not be allowed to step on the field again and any endorsement deals revoked. What he did was reprehensible. He is in a spotlight where he should be held at a higher standard for a role model.

Josh Hebert of Loganville, Georgia
He should take whatever punishment our government gives him, but when he has done his time (if he does do time) he should be able to continue playing football. The charges against him are not football related in any way.

Angela Ziegler of Cleveland, Ohio
The NFL needs to "step up to the plate" and be the man that Michael Vick is not. Allowing him in their league gives a signal that animal abuse is OK with them. Remember Jeffrey Dahmer started as an animal abuser! Want him as your role model or a spokesman?

Kelly Koch of Holland, Michigan
The NFL and all sponsors should refrain from any future contact with Michael Vick. I, for one, will boycott those with future dealings with him.

John Robinson of Redmond, Washington
Pro athletes are constantly getting in trouble with the law. Unless we make a policy that all players who are convicted of a felony are banned from the league, then Vick should be allowed to play after a suspension.

Randy Jonson of Stamford, Connecticut
Until I know the depth of the gambling angle it's hard to be certain. Dog fighting is brutal but if it's only dog fighting/killing, he should get whatever the feds give him and be able to return to football once his debt is paid.

Bill Saray of Derby, Connecticut
Vick should never play again. He wasn't the best QB to begin with. Anyone with such a blatant disregard for life -- animal or human -- is not worthy of the position in life he was given. Playing in the NFL is not a right. As such, the league should ban him permanently, while society should shun him publicly. If only scarlet letters were still around.

Todd Morrison of Howell, Michigan
Mr. Vick should be judged of his crime. Not by his fame, nor his race. He should be prosecuted as a person. I believe Mr. Vick's NFL playing days should be determined by the NFL commissioner with consideration of the NFL's personal conduct policy. This is how everyone should be treated in America. Everyone is equal regardless of popularity, fame, and race.

Lance G. of Dearborn Heights, Michigan
First off, I am an African-American ... this is NOT a race issue. I wish the ignorant people here in the U.S. would get off that tip. This is not an issue to raise the "race" card. Even his so-called homies (who were all black) turned on him.

Vick ... committed a felony and now he has to pay for it. He should have chosen a better hobby in life than dog fighting. As for playing football ... he should be banned from the league for at least 2 to 3 years, including his jail time.

Leah Perry of Chelmsford, Massachusetts
I don't think Vick should be allowed to play football, nor should he get off easy. After he serves his sentence, I think he should work at the MSPCA [to] make him see what cruelty to animals really looks like in all aspects.

Steven Todd of Fort Wayne, Indiana
I think Michael Vick will play football again, though at what level is anybody's guess. I do not think he should be banned for life. He may have gambled, but not on the game as Pete Rose did. A suspension is in order and I think a year would be fair, but a prison term and suspension would put him out of football for up to three years, and who knows what kind of QB he will be after this ordeal and so long an absence?

Jennifer Runyan of Fayetteville, North Carolina
I think the whole Michael Vick case is disgusting. The NFL needs to ban him permanently. He shouldn't be able to use the obscene amount of money he makes to torture innocent animals. Kids looked up to him and how many of them will think that abuse is OK now? I don't think he deserves to play ever again. I applaud the people sending Michael Vick jerseys into the Atlanta Humane Society to use cleaning the kennels, now that's appropriate! Watch what a dog thinks of his Vick jersey Video

Debbie Connor of Whitesville, Kentucky
No, he should not be granted the right to play pro football again! He was given the "Golden" key to a life of fame and riches and he blew it away. He should be working for the road department, picking up "Road Kill" off the streets!

Julio Hernandez of Kalamazoo, Michigan
He needs to be banned from the NFL forever. These "men" are role models for the youth of this country. What kind of message would we be sending to them if we were to let him play in the NFL again? Not a good one, I can tell you that much. He's through. And if he's not, I certainly won't be watching any Falcons games, or for that matter any team he may eventually play for.


Nichelle Williams of Woodbridge, Virginia
If Imus is going to return back to the air ... then Vick should return to the field. You violate some people or beings; you apologize, let the air clear and go on with business as usual!

John Brandon of Old Hickory, Tennessee
To make a long story short -- my family will never watch a game with Michael Vick in attendance. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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