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With "The Simpsons Movie" coming Friday, we asked if you were the biggest Simpsons fan. We wanted to see some proof and you responded. We're finding some very good contenders.

Glenn Thibert had a Simpsons-filled room his friends referred to as the "Simpsonian" in his old home in Springfield, Massachusetts. He now lives in Chicopee, Massachusetts, which he said is adjacent to Springfield. He said his new home isn't configured in a way that will allow a Simpsons room, so he has items scattered throughout the home or packed in boxes.

He belongs to a group called the Simpsons Collector Sector and said he had a hard time convincing people he really did live in Springfield. He said the city name is merely a coincidence. Despite a few commonalities Thibert sees between his Springfield and the fictional namesake, including a distinctive bridge and a few of the local political figures, the city failed to win a national contest to determine which Springfield is the Springfield. That honor went to Springfield, Vermont, despite impassioned pleas from Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Massachusetts, who has often been lampooned on the show. Read full article »

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