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Your e-mails: 'My heart goes out to her'

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(CNN) -- Former reality TV star and Playboy playmate Anna Nicole Smith died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs, Seminole tribal police Chief Charlie Tiger said Monday. Several prescription and over-the-counter drugs were found in Smith's system, including three antidepressant or antianxiety drugs, according to Joshua Perper, Broward County medical examiner. asked readers for their reactions to the autopsy results. Below is a selection of the responses, some of which have been edited.

Rachel Olivarez of Harlingen, Texas
I am not surprised by the results. It was very clear that Anna was severely depressed over the loss of her son. In addition, Anna was ill. All the medication that she was consuming should have been cleared by her physician. I now wish more would have been done to prevent her death.

Jan Kiser of Shelby, North Carolina
The results of the autopsy were no surprise. It was evident to me that she was under extreme influence of drugs (legal and/or illegal) each time she was interviewed after the birth of her daughter and the death of her son. Unfortunately, no one close to her thought it necessary to seek life-saving professional help, but continued to enable her dependence on medication to cope and numb her pain, even though they had knowledge that she was prescribed medications in several different names.

Michael Dufrene of Ramstein, Germany
Since when is taking nine different medications an "accident"? I would say Ms. Smith and her doctors (especially her since it's her body) should have been aware of what she was putting into it.

Jennifer Warren of Hickory, North Carolina
The majority of the American public doesn't care about the results of Anna Nicole Smith's autopsy. Anna Nicole Smith has received more publicity as a dead Playboy bunny than any of our deceased presidents of the United States. It's really sad that she is the only newsworthy item in our nation. I would assume you are tired of reporting on the war in Iraq as the general public might be tiring of the dusty battlefields. Therefore, you assume Anna Nicole is newsworthy. You are dead wrong. Clean up the news and provide the positive side of life news for a change. I am sure your ratings would improve.

Andrea Smith of Hartford, Connecticut
How can the autopsy determine whether it was accidental? Couldn't someone be feeding Anna the drugs which resulted in her demise?

Mary Beth Torres of Pueblo, Colorado
I think it is very sad that just having lost her son and then having a new baby that this would happen. My heart aches for the little baby who won't ever know her mother and maybe never her father. I would love to raise that baby for no money at all.

Karen Caffee of Los Angeles, California
So now we have confirmation of what so many suspected from February 8. The baby should be removed from the home right now. Even though the case is closed, there are still too many unanswered questions and too many innuendos, rumors and allegations to allow the baby to remain where she is. Forget about the money -- fight for the baby's life!

Sandy Kessler of Sebring, Florida
I am a retired school teacher. I feel that a headline stating an interaction accident due to prescribed medications would be more responsible than "drug overdose." Our young people only read the headlines. To them it means street drugs. Many people, especially those under stress as she was, want only to stop the pain. She had a lot, and was a tortured soul for sure, physically and mentally. I'd love to see some media give her some dignity in death and make it a learning experience instead of a sale item. Sad to see your headline.

Nicole White of Greensboro, North Carolina
I find it all very tragic. I cannot imagine what all she was going through, from the time her son died. He was her life. My heart goes out to her, and her daughter, that will now grow up motherless.

I wish people would leave her alone. She was just a person, just like the rest of us. She simply had great determination to become who she was, and also had great wealth. Anyone that comes from nothing hopes to be something better as their life continues. Most people do not take the risks involved to get there. Regardless of how she got there, she achieved her goal.

I am extremely sorry for what has happened to her. It seems very unfair. However, she is now with her son, whom I feel she cherished more than anyone else in the world. I hope her daughter is placed within the best family possible. She is innocent in all of this. She deserves to have all of Anna Nicole's wealth. These men coming from all over creation, stating they could be the father ... it is absurd. I am certain they are searching for dollar signs and/or publicity. I do not feel they hold her daughter's best interest at heart.

Josh Holzman of Hampton Bays, New York
Wow, I think we all knew that, but not to be judgmental, is it possible that she tried to commit suicide?

Lisa Stewart of Burley, Washington
I can't believe how long it has taken to get these results!

Ilene Cook of Livonia, Michigan
Are we surprised by this? Is there anyone out there who didn't already know this? Thank God this is out and we can move on to more important things like how many of our good citizens are dying in this war.

Miriam Smith of Toronto, Ontario
I am not surprised at the result and admire the examiner for his making sure and taking the appropriate time. I do however find that the doctors who prescribed these drugs should be held accountable. ... At what point do they stop just giving drugs without asking appropriate questions? What doctor puts a patient on 9 DIFFERENT meds at one time?

Becky Fee of Pekin, Illinois
She may have been a grieving mom, but she had a baby to take care of. Life is harsh sometimes, but most folks don't need nine prescriptions to get thru it. Very sad.

Silvia Vandervliet of Orlando, Florida
It is very sad that Anna had to die, where were the so called people that loved her and watched over her, because you could see this coming -- she was desperately calling out for help, maybe it was accidental, but I rest the blame on those who know her for this to happen. I only hope that Dannielynn will grow up knowing that her mother loved her.

Holly Julian of Garson, Ontario
Well that's not exactly news. We all figured that was the cause of her death. Now that we know this, why don't we all just back off and let this poor thing rest in peace. I mean it was being in the public and the constant scrutiny at her every move that probably caused her to turn to drugs to begin with, legal or illegal. It had to be extremely difficult to grieve the loss of her son in such a public manner. Just let her rest now. And above all, give the little girl some peace as well. For now she has no idea what's going on, but I can well imagine in 15 years how this is going to effect her as well. Growing up is hard enough. Growing up without her mother and in the situation she's in is going to make it worse for her.

Peter M. Ranoia of Nottingham, Pennsylvania
Sad. Very sad that she had experienced so much sadness in her last days. I guess the baby brought some relief. Her sickness that required the medications she was taking is what caused her death. It is disturbing that if all the medications she was taking were prescribed by her physician, that her doctor didn't have the knowledge to realize the results of mixing of all those medications. He should be thoroughly investigated and asked why he prescribed the different medications, as well as if there was more than one doctor involved and also ... if her companion gave her any medications. Many questions regarding her death to be answered. She was involved with so many imbeciles and hangers-on. It appears she was naive. God bless this girl.

David Pina of Colorado Springs, Colorado
It is a sad note whenever someone is taken as a result of poor decisions and behavior in their life. Anna must have been under tremendous self-inflicted pressure to perform to the standards she thought were expected by her fans. The autopsy results appear to confirm the side-effects of the lifestyle she chose!

Ron Floyd of Mesquite, Texas
A true tragedy. Ms. Smith was a beautiful woman exploited by shysters. May her spirit find peace. May the shysters find justice.

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The investigation into the death of Anna Nicole Smith is closed, police said Monday.



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