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Your e-mails: What if you won $370 million

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(CNN) -- The estimated jackpot for the Mega Millions lottery has reached a record $370 million, spurring throngs of hopeful winners to scoop up lottery tickets in 12 participating states ahead of Tuesday night's drawing in New York's Times Square. asked readers what they would do if they won the jackpot. Below is a selection of their responses, some of which have been edited for length and clarity:

Patricia Hebert of Ovilla, Texas
I would keep $3 million and give the rest to Enron's employees that were duped out of their retirement. Getting close to retirement myself I'm really looking at what I'll have when that day comes. I just can't imagine how devastating it must have been when they got the news. Makes me want to cry.

LeoLin Lopez of Chicago, Illinois
I would pay off all of mine, my husband's and my family's debt. I would make sure that all my little family members have college funds. I would save and invest money to ensure that my fortune lasts as long as I do. Then I would take my newly hitched husband on the honeymoon that we have yet to receive. Finally, I would spend my time finding a career that I actually love to do.

Daisy Buck of Bluff, Utah
I would quit my job and retire. Then, I would give some money to my children/grandchildren and to my family. Most of it would probably go to fixing my house, paying the bills, and just kicking back and enjoying life.

Greg Porter of San Jose, California
I would go back to my hometown of Centerville, Iowa, and pay off the bill/loans, if any, of the people who helped me when I needed a place to live when I was young. I owe those people so much that I don't know how else I would ever be able to pay them back for all their help. I left there over 15 years ago and haven't been back since. I just want to make up for all the time that has passed and to help those who helped me.

Patty Riddle of Ventura, California
First, see a financial planner. Secondly, pay off all of my bills. Thirdly, set up a trust fund for my kids for school, etc. Then I would give generously to educational/medical trusts to help others here at home and in Third World countries.

Nancy Schaefer of Blue Springs, Missouri
I would buy a house or condo in New York City; Malibu Beach, California; Los Angeles; Naples, Florida; Dayton, Ohio; Portland, Oregon; Kansas City, Missouri; Jersey Shore; the Hamptons; Vermont; Boston, and hire people to keep them going. The rest I would donate to the homeless.

Charles Robinson of Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts
Start a sustainable ecological engineering company concentrating on developing nations.

Kathy Gloer of Fayetteville, Georgia
There are several things I would like to do. ... For starters ... make sure my grandmother is taken care of. She's close to running out of [money] to cover her costs for her assisted living home where she resides. Secondly ... we have two kids in college ... so that's a given (pay off college tuition). I would cover the cost of our church's need to build more buildings due to our substantial growth, and limited space. I would retire, but not until they have a replacement for me, as my employer has been very good to me. My husband and I have put off vacations and traveling due to college costs, etc, so we would buy an RV and travel the country. I would of course save some ... and give away some as well. This is all after I change my phone numbers, get a lawyer and financial adviser.

Michael Nichols of Caledonia, New York

Nancy Kolowich of Bishop, California
The first thing I would do is grab a sleeping bag, my two dogs and go camping in the wilderness so I could grasp the conception that I just won [the jackpot]. The second thing I would do would [be to] hire a financial adviser and then start my search for buying 20 acres of land and building a state-of-the-art site for the country's best and largest animal rescue center. I would also start a program that would capture the general public's knowledge and education of the importance of spaying and neutering animals. Oh, and I would buy a Range Rover.

Robert Harris of Augusta, Georgia
Retire from present job and start up business to help the disabled and poor in a much needed area of Georgia.

Thomas Tasker of Levittown, Pennsylvania
I would travel to 20 major U.S. cities over an extended period of time and appear unannounced to their largest homeless shelter. I would lock in whomever is currently in the building at that time and hand out envelopes with $5,000 cash each.

Joe Pollard of Lucama, North Carolina
The first thing I would do is pay off everything I own. Take a trip somewhere and stay for a couple of weeks. I would help people that are really in need (I know of a few personally). I would put the rest in an account to earn interest. I would definitely quit working.

Margaret Adams of Houston, Texas
I would start a foundation to help people get their lives back on track once they have been released from prison. It is such a tough road for those who really, really want to turn their life around -- sometimes just the journey back into the free world drives them right back to prison -- because they don't have any structure.

Russell Virgils of Phoenix, Arizona
I would embark on a nonstop worldwide tour with my family. I would have a teacher join us for my sons' education. Plus, I'd go to Disneyland.

Miriam McGeehan of Baltimore, Maryland
1. Set up a nonprofit pharmacy service for seniors and children -- shaming pharmaceutical companies into donating drugs.
2. Set up a nonprofit basic medical and dental service for children asking all teaching hospitals to send their interns there to help.
3. Help my children buy homes.
4. Pay off debts and go on an extended vacation with my husband of 38 years since we have never had a vacation, celebrated an anniversary or given each other presents.

Wheeler McLilly of Woodbridge, Virginia
I would first inform my 75-year-old mother she would no longer have to work and purchase her a home. Pay off all my bills, take care of the rest of my family and a few select friends, then retire.

Carol Pitts of Tampa, Florida
I would pay all of my debts off, remodel my house, buy the car of my dreams ... 1997 Toyota Celica or older (hard to believe, huh?). Then I would buy two houses: one for my parents and one for my husband's parents -- but I would only spend at the most $60,000 for both. I would then invest in some land. I would not donate to any charity at all (sorry). This money has to last me and my husband way through retirement. Believe me, we would both work but not as hard. I know a lot of people say I would quit my job ... but why?

David Bradford of Gastonia, North Carolina
First I'd request 50 percent sent to the [Internal Revenue Service] and 10 percent to [the North Carolina Department of Revenue]. No need flirting with jail time. Then I'd be a huge client of the Vanguard Group. Can you say municipal bond funds? The federally tax-exempt dividend income on $90 million is more than enough for me and my extended family to play forever (average of $4 million a year). The rest I'm going to start an auto restoration/modification/research center. I know a lot of good men who work hard but barely live above the poverty line. Using the remaining [money] would be more than enough to give them salaries over $60,000 a year (double what they have now) and do something that we all love.

Furthermore the ultimate in recycling is buying a used car. With all the aftermarket parts out there, some cars can be modified for better gas mileage than a Prius, and the cost to rebuild, own and insure it would be one-third that. Utopia! Not including a huge ranch in West Texas (near Coleman) with Mustangs, some beach property near Galveston and in Guatemala. No private jets [by the way]. Waste of fuel. I can ride coach.

A dozen states participate in the Mega Millions lottery. A drawing will be held at 11 p.m. ET Tuesday in New York's Times Square.


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