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Your e-mails: 'Worse than a circus, it is a freak show!'

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(CNN) -- Broward County Circuit Court Judge Larry Seidlin, who is hearing arguments over the status of the remains of Anna Nicole Smith, has come under fire from some legal observers who say he has allowed the proceedings to become a circus.

We asked readers for their reaction to the Smith hearings. Here is a selection of their responses, some of which have been edited for length and clarity.

Tammy Garland of Greenville, Ohio
I just feel bad that it has taken this long to bury Anna. She deserved better than this. She needs to be buried with her son. As far as the paternity issues, they should force the issue of DNA testing on Howard K. Stern. I don't understand why he is fighting it so badly unless he already knows that he isn't the father. Let's get her buried!

Laurie Derderian of New York City
Yes, I most certainly do agree that the judge has turned this sad and sordid affair into a media circus. He is an embarrassment to the judicial system.

Ann Teegan of Marshall, Texas
Please bury the woman by her son and let her rest in peace. Do a paternity test and give custody of the baby to her father and then leave these people alone.

Jackie of Killeen, Texas
I don't know why the judge is getting such a hard time from all the critics. I quite enjoy him. He is caring, concerned, and down to earth. It's rewarding to be able to watch and understand him in layman's terms. I think he is just being targeted because he is the man of the hour. No matter who would have presided over this case, the negative comments would have still surfaced. We're not happy unless we can spew venom on someone. Keep up the good work Judge Seidlin.

Beth Doran of Lebanon, Tennessee
I am appalled that no one is doing anything about pulling that clown for a judge off the case. He is a disgrace to the U.S. justice system. No wonder other countries laugh at us. He's putting on a show, and he isn't even funny. He should be disbarred or disrobed or whatever. He is making a mockery of death and family values. Anna's body should be given to her next of kin -- her mother -- and she should be buried with her son in the Bahamas.

M. Anniss of Little Rock, Arkansas
The judge should be replaced, the body should be placed in the grave location beside her son and the baby should be placed in the hands of the proper authorities until the DNA tests prove who the father is.

Wanda Young of Johnson City, Tennessee
I am so amazed at the circus-like atmosphere in these proceedings. I think it is a mockery of the judicial system in our country. How many morons does it take to decide where to bury a body? As a mother, it's pretty simple; lay her to rest beside her son, the only person that she truly loved in this world.

Debra Lowery of Huntington, New York
The judge is unbelievable! These are SERIOUS legal issues. It's a travesty as is the entire judicial system in this country. He should've stuck to driving a taxi in New York.

Dennis Campbell of Fairfax, Virginia
I think the judge has done a good job. I am hoping he can broker a compromise whereby Anna and her son are buried in California, where she wanted to be buried, and where her daughter, Howard Stern, and Larry Birkhead can easily visit.

Chris Pauls of Wilmington, Delaware
I think it is a shame the way this is being handled. I don't understand why her mother, after all this time, thinks she has any right as to where Ms. Smith is buried or her child. Ms. Smith, drugged or not, made it very clear how she felt about her mother. I think it is a waste of time and taxpayer dollars. Ms. Smith obviously purchased a double plot, in which her son is buried in the Bahamas, and that is where she wants to be. It shouldn't take a judge to determine that. It is a real tragedy to see this happen. The most important thing is the well-being of the child, which no one seems to be thinking about.

Dawnci Redd of Ironton, Ohio
I do not think it is a circus. However, I think the judge has laid the foundations for coming litigations. It has been different but effective. He is sly like a fox.

Sandra D'Annibale of Waldwick, New Jersey
Just do the DNA. Why hasn't that been done? I believe she should be buried next to her son -- not for Howard Stern -- but for [Anna] Nicole and Daniel.

Josie Sullivan of Boston, Massachusetts
I think the actions of Judge Seidlin are disgraceful. He has truly done what he can to damage the legal profession even more than it is already damaged. He is a disgrace to the court and to every decent, consensus-building judge in this country. He is turning a tragedy into his own personal gain by making a mockery out of the judicial system and how a judge should act. He is clearly showing bias toward witnesses and his personal feelings toward Stern show clearly. He should be removed from the bench. Regardless of the lifestyle Anna Nicole Smith chose for herself and her family, his job is to decide where her final resting place will be. I could have done this in one day -- give custody to her next of kin, her mother, and bury Anna in Texas. I think it is worse than a circus; it is a freak show!

Audrey Ortega of San Antonio, Texas
I am just appalled at the way this case is unwinding. I believe they have crossed the line as to what the sole purpose of this case was intended to be about. I do agree that it has turned into a circus, and I just sympathize with little Dannielynn and her future. I believe that the court should have Anna buried with her son and that her mother should be responsible for making the funeral arrangements.

Denise Davis of Paragould, Arizona
This is one of the most ridiculous, ludicrous things I have ever seen in my life. It is embarrassing to be an American when this is how our judicial system is portrayed to the world. As for the baby, the men claiming to be the father should be court-ordered to get tested and that issue resolved immediately. Period. And I think that the mother of the deceased is obviously the only person who has a legal right to claim the body and make burial decisions. End of story.

Luann Colao of Pomona, New York
Obviously, Anna was estranged from her mother at the time of her death, and for some time before that. I believe that she should be buried in the Bahamas with her son, Daniel, and her remains released to Howard Stern who was the last to have any type of intimate relationship with her. Shame on Virgie, you were not there when your daughter needed you. It's a little too late to worry about her now!

Lisa Hillman of Little Rock, Arkansas
I think it has become a circus. It's just crazy to sit and watch! I do believe the judge is not ignorant of how he is being portrayed. I think Anna should be buried in the Bahamas with her son. There has never been any doubt on that because of her love for Daniel. There has also been no doubt that Virgie should not have rights to anything regarding Anna. Anna made her feelings very clear on how she felt about her mother. To grant her mother anything would be a slap in the face to Anna Nicole. I think she has gone through enough both in life and death. It is time now for Anna to rest in peace.

Rosemarie Devera of Bayonne, New Jersey
It is a shame that even in death that woman cannot rest in peace. I think she should be laid to rest next to her dead husband and end all the problems!

Susan Graham of Steubenville, Ohio
A circus? YES! Anna's body needs to be buried in the U.S. and not the Bahamas. Daniel's body needs to be exhumed and brought back to the U.S. also. They were born Americans and should stay Americans. I feel Howard K. Stern, a bright and intellectual man, should take these bodies and bring them back to the U.S. for proper burial. Even though Anna and Virgie didn't get along, their differences should be set aside for the sake of the family.

Rhonda Phillips of Calgary, Alberta
Her whole life was a circus, so why should her death be any different? It really makes me sick to watch her mother turn on the drama when it's obvious she's in it for the money. There's no innocent party in this except for the baby. If Stern loved her the way he claims, he should have done something about her obvious drug use.

Carole Fuller of Glendale, Arizona
Anna Nicole Smith is gone. She was not married. Unless it can be absolutely proven that she did not want her son or herself to ever be near her family, she should be buried in California, and her son could be moved to be near her. She needs to be put to rest and the sooner the better. No one else really should have any say in the matter unless they can prove otherwise. Blood is thicker than water even if she did not get along with her family. May she rest in peace

Broward County Circuit Court Judge Larry Seidlin on Wednesday bristled at complaints that his courtroom is out of hand.


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