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What 2007 holds: Your predictions

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(CNN) -- For some people, making and then breaking a New Year's resolution is an annual tradition. For others, it's predicting what will happen in the year ahead.

We asked readers to channel their inner psychics and give us their predictions -- silly or serious -- for 2007.

Here is a selection of their answers, some of which have been edited for length and clarity.

Phil Thompson of Overland Park, Kansas
Dick Cheney will resign and be replaced by the first black vice president, who will then make a run for the White House.

Paul Pereira of Colombo, Chile
The situation in Iraq will further deteriorate, owing to the execution of Saddam Hussein. China will become an economic threat to the U.S., and will even compete strongly with the U.S. for securing supplies from oil producing countries.

Keith Sells of Edinburgh, Indiana
The Iraqi government will ask us to leave, and we will.

Nik Hall of Durham, North Carolina
I predict Bush's impeachment sometime in 2007. As a result, the troops will be pulled out of Iraq, [the] Department of Homeland Security will collapse, and FEMA will be restored just in time for a major natural disaster. A terrorist attack is very unlikely. Castro will die and communist Cuba will fall apart. Hybrid and fuel cell cars will become more popular. CDs and DVDs will become obsolete.

Miles Smoljo of Toronto, Ontario
A worsening U.S. housing market crash [will drag the] American economy into recession.

Stephen Huggins of Chesapeake, Virginia
A spiteful and vengeful Jennifer Aniston will run off to Africa with Billy Bob Thorton and adopt a child.

Martha McPherson of Fort Worth, Texas
I predict we will be able to adjust the thermostat at home with our cell phones. I think we will be surprised as young Americans shun traditional politics and celebrity antics.

Juliana Ragonesi of East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Hmmm, let's see. Our pathetic obsession with celebrity will continue. Cell phones will continue to become more common. I predict one more state will come close to passing marriage equality for all its citizens.

Roger Miguel, New York, New York
The euro is at 1.34 by June and 1.40 by December. Solar power is all the rage. Hydrogen begins to replace gasoline. A barrel of oil rises to $70 but begins a slow decline due to the popularity of alternate energy. Temperature changes are shown to be normal and cyclical and that we, like ants on the back of an elephant, are not the cause. Gold becomes very expensive. Stem cell research becomes the new medical boon -- like pasteurization and antibiotics were in the 20th century.

R. Hall of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
I think Americans will wake up and realize that freedom does not come cheap, and that the terrorists have always been here, just waiting for their chance to attack for any reason. I think that we will stop voting with political parties and start voting for the person.

Amin Jabbar of Union City, California
I predict that President Bush will [be] talking about changing the course again.

Lisa Lowden of St Louis, Missouri
[A] war between Israel and Iran.

Sidney Taitt of Hyattsville, Maryland
I predict that Sen. Jim Webb, D-Virginia, will enter the presidential race by mid-2007. He will be a dark horse -- a long shot to win the nomination and the presidency.

Thomas Zwemer of Augusta, Georgia
The Democratic Congress will stumble badly. The presidency will sink lower that the Nixon years. This will be the greatest test of our nation since the War Between the States.

Jerry Frankel of Plano, Texas
A Democratic candidate for president is going to vigorously campaign for comprehensive universal health care, analogous to all other developed nations. His campaign is going to so significantly impact the polls that all the major Democratic candidates are going to support their own similar proposal.

Kevin Olson of Fort Hood, Texas
I predict we will find Osama bin Laden this year.

Javit Jann of Brooklyn, New York
Global warming will take its toll. Water on Mars will be discovered, and Osama bin Laden will still be wanted.

Jim Lawrence of Bristol, Connecticut
The U.S. will pull out of Iraq and the Iraqi people will live in peace and harmony. The Red Sox win the World Series. Tom Cruise denounces scientology and goes on a week long bender, waking up at the Port Authority in NYC wearing a dress and makeup, having no clue how he arrived there.

Jean Prestbroten of Orfordville, Wisconsin
Childhood obesity will become more prevalent, and therefore a political issue. The efforts of schools to try and get kids to eat and drink the proper things, will fail, because there is no follow-up at home. Politically, this could mean requiring health insurance companies to work with parents of obese children.

Joyce St. Clair of Bedford, Texas
The general population of the United States will wake up one morning and discover a new found love for humanity and each other. We will work together to support each other and ultimately ourselves at the same time that we are fully and completely learning to accept people from other cultures. We will remember what is important in life and use that knowledge to make the world better for everyone. We will forgive and forget. Then we will all eat really good pie.


Jason Trojnar and daughters, 5-year-old Olivia and 1-year-old Addalie, ring in 2007 in Palm Harbor, Florida.


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