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(CNN) -- Widespread anxiety about the damaging effects of burning fossil fuels, coupled with a genuine fear that oil and gas will become scarce before the century ends have fueled a renewed interest in renewable energy and, in particular, solar power solutions.

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Should we be turning to nuclear power in our fight to stop global warming?

Maybe is time to resolve the problem, maybe it's time to see what we have to do. But one thing that I'm sure of is, if we use nuclear power, we start to have a big excuse to make nuclear weapons. Arturo Ibáñez, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Nuclear power is emission free on a day to day basis. Chernobyl's disaster proves that nuclear power can be very harmful in the long run. Additionally, for nuclear to be cost effective it takes extra large scale plants leading to two major disadvantages; increased losses through cables and the risk of large scale black-outs. Agelos Labrou, Athens, Greece.

I think solar power will be a renewable energy here because an earthquake might cause a serious damage to a nuclear power plant. The fossil fuel will run out in future and we have to consider how to get safe energy without import of natural resources from abroad. Furubayashi, Osaka, Japan.

Yes, we need nuclear power and more research and development about nuclear energy to minimize the risks and to increase its efficiency. Nuclear plants can be used for base load electricity and when allowed, also for residential heat, thus increasing its efficiency drastically. Dr Nyilas, Germany.

Yes, because it is the cleanest technology -- until and unless other clean energy sources like solar energy is commercially viable. Moreover it will free the world from a generation of green house gasses responsible for global warming. It will also help maintain ecological balance by reducing the exploitation of nature through mining activities. B. N. Bhattacharyya, Kolkata, India.

Since the solar energy can be best tapped within 15-20 degrees on either side of the equator, and not many "developed" countries are located in this belt, then this project will require a real political will, given the fact that none of these countries are ready to shoulder the "carbon emission" load and work on that matter. So Nuclear power looks a better option. Ashish Dumbre, Bombay, India. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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