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High net-worth individuals will always find ways to enjoy, celebrate and flaunt their wealth -- the yacht at Monte Carlo, the chateau, the vineyard and the Rolls Royce Phantom. The very wealthy add to this their private jets -- Gulfstreams and Lears -- providing mobile bedrooms and boardrooms for upwards of four people.

But now those who are not just very wealthy, but super wealthy, have a new option -- the chateau in the sky. The arrival of the -- much delayed -- Airbus A380 "super" jumbo aircraft, which is due to make its debut revenue-earning flight with Singapore Airlines later this year, heralds a whole new era of super private jet.

The A380 is a four-engined, twin-decked, wide-body jet aircraft built at Airbus's factories throughout Europe and assembled at its facility in Toulouse, France. Larger than any previous civil aircraft, the A380 is 30 per cent bigger than the current largest jetliner, Boeing's 747-400. Read full article »