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  • Tony made a trip to the U.S., to check out styles in Florida and New York
  • He wasn't impressed with the men's golf trends there, lacking European flair
  • He saw a tendency to go for horizontal stripes and dull, dreary colors
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By Tony Q'aja for CNN
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(CNN) -- America; the land of opportunity. Yes, yours truly paid a visit over the pond.


Tony visits the U.S., where men's golf fashion leaves something to be desired.

First stop: Orlando, the second home of golf. OK, the first home in winter, where it is 80 degrees all week in November. It was tough working by the pool, but I coped.

A big thank you to everyone that looked after me at Lake Nona (fantastic ladies golf shoes by Walter Genuin from Italy, see picture), Isleworth and Championsgate, where a surprised Vijay Singh came over to say hello with his son with a "What are you doing here in the US?"

Graeme McDowell, a member at Lake Nona and a Q'aja golfer, was also in town. We decided to go through some designs and looks for 2008 over a great steak at Ruth's steak house. Watch this space for some Q'aja surprises in 2008.

Golf fashion -- please, U.S. guys, what is happening (or not happening should I say)? I did Bloomingdales, Macys and the golf resorts -- not impressed.

You guys have such a fantastic climate, but, unfortunately, are still wearing those cheap chinos and polyester polos in dull colors with no shape. Imagine how you would feel wearing pants that were made of cool wool that had a fresh feeling on the back nine as well as the front. It's not as though you guys have to worry about getting your pants dirty in the rough, you don't get the damp weather.

What is it with golf designers and horizontal stripe polos, golfing people are already on the larger side and don't need to accentuate their good living. The main brands are all stocked in the U.S. with a better quality line by Peter Millar. JL is the only brave brand with anything remotely fashionable to offer.

Next stop: New York. From 80 degrees to 28 degrees, and snow. That gives you a real perspective of how enormous America is.

I popped in to a specialty golf retailer, the largest in New York. Ground floor was for clothing and first floor equipment -- again the Men's fashion was very dull and dreary for such a large store, but it had nothing to excite or tempt me, even the JL collection consisted of black and gray pants.

However, the Ladies range was trendier with lots of Latino influences; embroidery and stones on polos and pants. I cannot understand a person buying a $600 driver and then buying a pair of $80 cargo pants. If you bought a Ferrari, would you stick it through an automated car wash, or have someone hand wash and polish it?

What does the fashion conscious American golfer wear? I presume you are out there. Email me your trendy looks to convince me there is golf fashion in USA.

Merry Xmas to all. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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