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CNN/YouTube debate: Video streams

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ST. PETERSBURG, Florida (CNN) -- Eight Republican presidential hopefuls sparred during their debate in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Wednesday, November 28. Click on the following links to watch or download video of the debate.

Download the entire debate

Part 1 downloads: iPod compatible | Microsoft Windows Media

Part 2 downloads: iPod compatible | Microsoft Windows Media

Watch video streams from the debate

Raw moments in YouTube debate Video
A unique format produces a crackling GOP debate, with immigration and Iraq among the hot topics. CNN's John King reports

Debate pushes buttons Video
CNN's Joe Johns reports on the real-time reaction to the Republican debate from undecided viewers with meters.

Backer praises Romney showing Video
Kevin Madden of Mitt Romney's campaign talks to CNN's Melissa Long about the CNN/YouTube GOP debate.

Debate response from abroad Video
I-Reporter Shordan Ben Judah sent his reaction from South Korea to an immigration exchange in the CNN/YouTube debate.

Rep. King: Rudy is 'real deal' Video
CNN's Melissa Long talk with GOP Rep. Peter King about the CNN/YouTube GOP debate and his support for Rudy Giuliani.

Hunter: 'Entertaining night' Video
CNN's Melissa Long interviews GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter about the polls and poor gun safety in the CNN/YouTube debate.

Huckabee impresses Norris Video
CNN's Melissa Long talks with actor Chuck Norris about why he considers Mike Huckabee the right choice for president.

YouTube contributor speaks Video
CNN's Melissa Long talks with YouTube contributor Michael Weitz about his thoughts on the debate.

'Truly disappointed' in Paul Video
CNN's Melissa Long speaks with YouTube contributor Mark Strauss about Rep. Ron Paul's response to his question.

McCain wins over questioner
CNN's Melissa Long speaks with YouTube contributor Andrew Jones about the responses to his query on waterboarding.

Interesting tune Video
CNN's Melissa Long speaks with YouTube contributor Chris Nandor about his song that led off the debate.

Paul on North American Union Video
Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul of Texas responds to a question about talk of a North American Union.

Huckabee: Get rid of IRS Video
Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says that as president, he'd get rid of the Internal Revenue Service.

"We never proposed amnesty" Video
Republican candidate John McCain discusses illegal immigration.

Gauging Thompson on Abortion Video
Peoplemeter gauges the audience reaction to Fred Thompson's views on abortion.

Immigration a heated topic Video
Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani get into a heated debate about immigration. Peoplemeter captures viewer's response.

Enact the fair tax Video
Peoplemeter gauges reactions when Mike Huckabee declares, "I'd do away with the IRS."

Victory in Iraq Video
Republican presidential candidates Fred Thompson and Ron Paul discuss the war in Iraq.

McCain, Romney on interrogation Video
Candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney go back and forth on interrogation practices.

Giuliani booed on gun control Video
Audience members boo Republican candidate Rudy Giuliani as he answers a question about gun control.

Candidates on the Bible Video
Republican presidential candidates respond to a question about whether they believe every word of the Bible.

"Answer however you like" (gun control) Video
Jay Fox asks Republican candidates about their opinions on gun control.

Candidates debate taxes Video
Republican presidential candidates answer a question about whether they will raise taxes.

Tackling debt Video
Candidates respond to a question about how they would tackle the national debt and control spending.

Candidates on immigration (part 2) Video
Rudy Giuliani: "New York City was not a sanctuary city."

McCain, Paul spar on Iraq Video
Candidates John McCain and Ron Paul debate the war in Iraq.

Song serenades candidates Video
Chris Nandor uses his YouTube submission to sing a song just for the Republican presidential candidates. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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