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Your opinion: Planet in Peril

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  • CNN Student News viewers were asked to watch a preview of Planet in Peril
  • Below is a sample of their comments
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(CNN Student News) -- We asked CNN Student News viewers to share their opinions on the topics covered in Planet in Peril. Below are some of their responses, which in some cases have been edited for length and clarity.

Sharlyssa from Bonney Lake High School
Planet in Peril interests me a lot. It makes me wonder what will happen to people in future and what will happen to our economy. Countries and places are being over populated, even in small little cities and islands. Oahu, HI is over populated. There is traffic 24/7, it's very crowded. Bonney Lake, Washington was once a small little town and now its growing more and more. It upsets me how everything is growing by the minute. Things that you don't want to change and that should be there are gone. On the island of Kauai, HI is a really small island with no freeway. It's a island with a lot of green areas that represents the island, but now it's going to be burnt down because of the population more and more people are wanting to live in that certain area. In a couple years where I want to see the green land that I always played at and just being there is going to be gone. I will see a house built on it. All I will have is memories.

Denise from Cork, Ireland
I am looking forward to seeing Planet in Peril although I'm also a bit scared of what I'm going to learn. We recycle about 75% of our rubbish now and it's frightening to think how much went to landfill sites so unnecessarily for all those years when we could have been recycling. Other than conserve energy and be aware of my carbon footprint I am uneducated as to what else I can do to help save our planet. I am hoping to learn more from an individual point of view from your documentary. Here in Ireland we have a campaign running called the 'power of one' which is aimed to at Joe public to help everyone understand the big difference we can all make by taking care of the small things like reducing, reusing and recycling. Thank you for bringing this important issue to the forefront of our thoughts and a big Thank You for taking risks and making sacrafices in order to make the documentary. I would love to have been in Greenland with you. Take care and I wish you all continued success in the future.

Tyler from Orlando Florida
Dear Anderson Cooper: I was wondering about your trip to the Amazon did you ever encounter and natives that threatend you? Did you ever get in a fight with and of the lumnber jacks who where cutting down all the trees? and how is it working with Jeff Corwin?

Travis from Bonney Lake High School
I feel that it is interesting about how the population is growing so rapidly in the world but there isn't enough space for people to work and where there is space the living conditions get worse. I think that if more people help to try to educate the poor there can be more 3rd world countries in the world.

Brenden from Livonia MI
Global warming is not man-made. There is no way we, as humans, can change the way the world is reacting through its completely natural climate cycle. People have no impact on how the world heats and cools. There are many practical reasons why global warming is not man-made. First, scientists haven't made it back past the first ice age. How do we know that there weren't "heat" ages before that? This could be just a normal cycle that the Earth goes through over long periods of time. Another thing I would like to point out. The same scientists today that are telling us that the Earth is going to flood, California will break off, etc., are the ones that told us in the year 1977 that air pollution was getting to be such a problem that by the year 1985, we wouldn't be able to see the sky, and we'd have to wear gas masks so we could breath. It's the year 2007, and I can see a clear blue sky and I can breath just fine without a gas mask. There are positive benefits to a natural global warming as well. With warmer climates, there will be more time to plant and harvest food, giving us a more plentiful food supply. In conclusion, I would like to repeat that global warming is not man made, and is a problem that the world can only fix on its own, not humans.

Charles from Bonney Lake High School
About Planet in Peril, what's with the human population? Now it's even more clear why the animal population is declining so rapidly. its not only affecting them but our planets' LIMITED SUPPLY OF NATURAL RESOURCES. Maybe the rest of the world should do what China did to control thier population.

Rayna from Bonney Lake High School
About over-population: I don't understand how Americans can sit around and watch all this happen. Yes, there is definatly a problem with over-population, but, already, American's use more resources than needed, even more than countries that have a greater population. So, why don't we do anything to help? Why do we continue to want more and more, when there are people who have nothing? We're comfortable in our fancy homes, not seeing what is really going on in the rest of the world. We are too busy trying to be better than someone else, that everyone seems to have lost track of what is really important: our fellow man, American or non-American alike. We're all the same. People are people. I suggest actually getting off our high horses and helping these mass amounts of people where they really need it: food, water and shelter.

Travis from Bonney Lake High School
I feel that it is interesting about how the population is growing so rapidly in the world but there isn't enough space for people to work and where there is space the living conditions get worse. I think that if more people help to try to educate the poor there can be more 3rd world countries in the world.

Erika from Bonney Lake High School
I think that people should recycle their trash and keep their environment clean. I also think that they should stop cutting trees and building homes because its affecting animals and our atmosphere.

Paul from Bonney Lake High School
I am a student writing to comment on todays student news. The subject that I would like to address is the rain forest. I think that we need to try and preserve what we can now. If we don't then we are putting future generations in danger of running out of breathable air. Our school is doing ok by recycling paper and plastics. But it is only one small step that everyone needs to make to save our planet.

Travis from Bonney Lake High School
My opinion on the clearing of the worlds trees are that I believe that we should stop cutting the trees everywhere to make more money. If we cut trees we should put them up somewhere else because its not just us that have to live there are many different animals that live in those forests that we are cutting down.

Roxanne from Bonney Lake High School
It really makes me mad that people are burning down the forests in Brazil. If these people know that we need the forests and everything I just don't understand why they continue to burn down the trees. they are ruining the Earth for everyone else.

Jordyn from Bonney Lake High School
Here are my comments about cutting down the forests. I feel that we need to stop building so many homes. The animals have no where to go and are going to be homeless if we don't do something soon. Not only are the animals not going to have anywhere to go but the humans around the world will have no oxygen and will not be able to survive.

Rowanda from Bonney Lake High School
These are my thoughts on Planet in Peril. I think it's ridiculous how people are burning down and chopping down forrests. Not only are they destroying things that help us breath, but also homes for wild animals that are going extinct. Just because farmers want land to use for farming is not a good enough reason. We need trees and forests to keep us alive. Apparently, people don't care about that seeing since 80% of the worlds forests have been cut down and burned. People need to realize what they are doing and how they are killing man kind slowly but surely.

Katy from Bonney Lake High School
In regards to your story about deforestion, I think it's a shame how little our nation is concerned with the environment. We could begin to resolute this problem if we did more to teach our youth about the problems our environment has encountered and tried to organize more community service projects involving our environment.

Justin from Bonney Lake High School
In my opinion, the forests being cut in Brazil are harmful to the planet, but there is not much that can be done to stop the forests being cut. the best we can ever hope to do is replace the damage being done. We live in a very industrial world and to stop a whole country from being able to produce is politically impossible without causing more harm then would have been done in the first place. Steps HAVE been set to start replacing forests, or just preparing for the worst when we lose our forest's, but it's going to be difficult to accomplish.

Joel from Bonney Lake High School
This is my thoughts about deforestation in Brazil. I think it is horrible to do that to the amazon, but we are humans and we expand and grow. The world isnt big enough.

Shayna from Bonney Lake High School
These are my thoughts on the on Planet In Peril. I appreciate a show that will educate others about how we as humans affect the planet. I am on Honor Society and we keep the area around our school community clean by collecting trash. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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