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Amy Granelli started her holiday shopping weeks ago. As she aimlessly pushed her cart through towering aisles of toys she still found herself overwhelmed by choices.

Not only is she worried about finding the right presents for her four young children ages 5-8, but also in light of this year's massive toy recall for lead and other hazards, she's concerned about keeping her kids safe.

"I don't think you can ever be too safe. I mean as a parent, I think that's your job," says Granelli, a stay-at-home mom from Atlanta, Georgia.

The American Academy of Pediatrics agrees that parents are the last line of defense in safeguarding children from dangerous toys.

Atlanta-based pediatrician Jennifer Shu, who is affiliated with the AAP, is urging parents to be informed. "There is no acceptable level of lead. Toys need to be safe before you give them to a child."Watch more on buying safe toys Read full article »

Judy Fortin is a correspondent with CNN Medical News.

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