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I joined this program because my doctor told me that my test results showed I was pre-diabetic and more than 20 pounds over my weight according to my age and height.

I became healthier because I was taught proper exercise and good nutrition. I exercised more by doing long, steady walks for 20 minutes, followed by good stretches, lifting weights, spinning, sit-ups and push-ups.

I also used this time to think positively about myself. I stopped eating most processed foods, which generally contain sugar and salt, and fatty foods such as margarine, butter, cream and most cheeses.

I stopped eating fried foods and sugary foods such as soda, cakes and candies. I now avoid foods containing additives and colorings, sugary drinks or soda, salty foods, junk food, fast food and takeout.

I eat anything fresh -- organic food, fish, vegetables (particularly orange or dark green ones), fruits, oats and other fiber-rich grains, and beans and peas. Read full article »

"America's Killer Diet"
Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains how we really are what we eat.
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