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Three years ago Sharon Twitchell was miserable.

Carrying 227 pounds on her tiny 5'2" frame, the 51-year-old mother and wife could barely squeeze into her plus-size clothing. Twitchell is the first of eight I-Reporters who shared their weight loss stories with CNN. They revealed their secrets and reflected on the defining moments that motivated them to lose a combined total of 1,167 pounds and how the weight loss has changed their lives. "I was wearing a size 22 and getting my clothes at stores where the biggest size was a 24. I asked myself, 'Where are you going to buy your clothes after you get bigger than a size 24?'" said Twitchell.

Adding to her misery, Twitchell says her ballooning weight was also wreaking havoc on her 31-year marriage. Read full article »

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