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Suspect in family slayings surrenders

Suspect facing seven murder counts 'had no place to go'

Police suspect Turner, 28, of killing seven members of an Indianapolis family Thursday night.


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INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (CNN) -- The man police consider the prime suspect in the slayings of seven family members surrendered to police at a fast-food restaurant Saturday evening, a police source said.

Desmond Turner, 28, has been charged with seven counts of murder and seven counts of felony murder.

He was with family members and a minister when he turned himself in at a Hardee's restaurant about 7 p.m., police said. A confidential informant notified police that Turner wanted to surrender, police said. (Watch how residents played key role in manhunt -- 3:04)

"He didn't turn himself in out of remorse. He turned himself in because he had no place to go," Deputy Chief Tim Foley told reporters Saturday night.

Asked why Turner showed up with a minister, Foley said that Turner "may have had fear he would've been shot on sight."

Turner was being held at an undisclosed location, where he was questioned until he requested a lawyer, Foley said.

Foley described Turner as "sullen" when he turned himself in and said he asked whether the charges were punishable by life without parole.

An officer told him they were punishable by death, Foley said, explaining that though it's up to prosecutors, there is "a high likelihood it's going to be a death penalty case."

On Friday, police arrested the man suspected to be an accomplice in the slayings, 30-year-old James Stewart, after a traffic stop and charged him with marijuana possession. He also was wanted on an outstanding warrant issued for a traffic violation, police said.

Foley said at least one of the suspects knew the family "in the generic sense, like I know you."

Foley told reporters that Turner apparently intended to kill the victims before he entered the house.

"Mr. Turner made statements prior to the robbery that these people were pretty much presumed dead before they ever went in the house," he said.

Nearly 30 shell casings from what appeared to be an assault-style rifle were found in the family's house. Foley said Saturday that one of the victims appeared to have wounds from a .38-caliber gun or a .357.

Police carried out at least seven raids in their search for the suspects in the shooting deaths of the four adults and three children late Thursday on the near east side of Indianapolis, Indiana. Turner was raised in the neighborhood.

Foley said Indianapolis police made life "constitutionally miserable" for anyone who knew Turner.

A SWAT team apparently just missed him earlier Saturday when it raided a house.

Turner had been "in this house just prior to our arrival and after the homicides," Clifford Myers, deputy police chief, said.

Also Saturday, relatives and friends of the victims gathered in the front of the home where they were slain, hugging and crying.

Funeral services for six of the seven victims -- who represent three generations of one Hispanic family -- are scheduled for Wednesday.

The victims were found late Thursday by officers responding to a call of shots fired. The children, ages 11, 8 and 5, were found shot to death in the same bed, Foley said.

"Everyone in the residence was dead," he said Friday. "I don't believe it was random. There's obviously a motivation there."

Turner's criminal history includes convictions for firearm and drug offenses, as well as resisting law enforcement, Sgt. Matthew Mount said. He served about two years in prison for a 1997 conviction and two more for a 2001 conviction. He was paroled from prison in November.

CNN's Keith Oppenheim and Jonathan Freed contributed to this report.

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