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Your e-mails: If I won the lotto... readers on how to spend $365 million

Lottery officials present the new millionaires with an oversize check for $365 million Wednesday.


(CNN) -- Eight workers at a Nebraska meat processing plant claimed the record $365 million Powerball jackpot Wednesday. asked readers what they would do if they won a million-dollar jackpot. Here is a sampling of those responses, some of which have been edited:

I would buy the Jose Cuervo Tequila plant and move to Montana.
Steve, Merrimack, New Hampshire

Hitch a ride with the Russians to the international space station!
Kirk Schermerhorn, Hixson, Tennessee

I would build schools in Africa, to educate the Africans and have them stand on their own legs.
Stefan Wouters, Reusel, Netherlands

I would give it to someone else so it wouldn't ruin my life.
Loren, Laramie, Wyoming

I would offer it to George Bush in exchange for his resignation from office and an immediate withdrawal of all troops from Iraq. Really!
Cindy P., Palm Beach, Florida

Never mind the jackpot, I'd just like to win about $15,000 so I can pay off my Jeep.
Kimberly, Maryville, Tennessee

I'd spend it all on an endless supply of oyster crackers!
Stefan Rogalski, New York, New York

I would buy all available stock in the company that I presently work for and in the companies that I worked for previously and go around and fire/terminate the people that were nasty to me and promote the people that were nice to me.
Dave, Portland, Maine

If I won the jackpot...I would buy a Super Bowl ad slot. It would just be my husband and I on the couch saying, "Hello, My name is Rainbow, and I wanted to wish you all a good game and let all of you know that I won the jackpot and you didn't." Ha Ha!!!
Rainbow, Panama City, Florida

I would definitely buy Thatch Cay Island in the Caribbean. Then while my houses (yes, plural) were being built on the island, I would be touring Europe and Australia in style. With the rest of that money, I guess I could sip quite a few cocktails. I would also hire a gourmet chef to do all my cooking. Dreams can come true...can't they?
John, Atlanta, Georgia

1.) Give my grandparents at least $1 million. They have given me so much when I was in need. 2.) Give my parents several million. They have been so supportive over the long years of college. 3.) Start my own flute studio and music arranging business. 4.) Give my church at least $1 million. They really need the money for the music ministry and missions. 5.) Invest for retirement.
Kristy Sullivan, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

First, I would take care of the "dog-man." There is this one homeless guy that stands pretty much in the same place every day. He has a black lab. I had a black lab when I was a child. I hate it that the dog also is "homeless." They both look tired all the time. However, that dog is his loyal companion, and I know if I took that dog from the man it would probably kill him. So, first, before I threw a huge party and helped my family and friends, I'd help the dog-man.
Debi Morrison, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Well, after I recover from my heart attack, I would pay off all of my bills and those of my family members. I would buy a house, a car, and set up college funds for my son and all of my younger cousins.
Lena, Greensboro, North Carolina

Twenty percent to my church, a nice house, an education account for my daughter and godson and a black '62 Lincoln Continental, with 20" TIS, and red interior.
Efrem Pannell, Chicago, Illinois

Among other things, I'd send a limousine to pick up people standing out in the cold at bus stops, to take them where they wanted to go.
Margaret Thibert, Fort Worth, Texas

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