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LONDON, England (CNN) -- What should we do if an asteroid is on a collision course with Earth? This question is being taken increasingly seriously by scientists as more is learnt about the impact a near earth object (NEO) would have on the future of civilization. It might sound like the plot of a Hollywood movie, but one gigantic asteroid is scheduled to come within 20,000 miles of Earth in the near future -- a veritable near miss in cosmic measurements - and the possibility remains that it could hit our planet and cause catastrophic devastation never seen before. (Full story)

Is the human exploration of space necessary?

Absolutely, all evolutionary planets need a dream for advancement. Much will come from it.
Dr Barbara Young, Vandalia, OH USA

It is necessary but should be handled wisely. When the "New World" was discovered it led to competition between nations and war. Something so integral to our survival, especially seeing what the Apophis asteroid could do, should motivate different nations to work together, rather than independantly when exploring this new frontier.
Bryan, Massachusetts, USA

Yes, the exploration of space is absolutely vital to our survival as a species. The drive for humans to explore is basically common sense telling us to prepare to move in order to survive. Throughout history humans have had the need to explore due to nature, climate and season changes. Humans will always have to continue to explore space for basic survival due to the fact that every planet has a life cycle. Planets are born, develop to maturity, then die just as every thing else through out space has done and will always do. The choice to explore space really is black and white. If we choose to explore then humans will most likely survive. If not the we will most certainly die.
Roger Penny, Virginina, USA

Yes. Peace, economic and environmental stability, wealth improvement and an increasing population makes it necessary.
Name withheld, Germany

The human exploration of space is inevitable. It was more difficult for Columbus to navegate than it is today to go to another planet.
Miguelin Ramirez, Dominican Republic

It is vital. It is encoded within our genes to go beyond, to explore and expand. It is the natural continuation of our evolution and an eventual lifeboat for humanity. Earth will not forever be enough...
Momir Pantelic, Belgrade, Serbia

It is very important for humans to explore space in order to know what lies there, because there might be millions of strange things that have not been discovered yet like strange phenomena or plants or even creatures! Who knows?
Khadeeja Mojtaba, Libya

If humanity intends to exist forever, we must escape our habitat which will not.
Chris Jones, Sydney, Australia

I can only say that man is really not content with what he has resulting in the damaging of his resources. But we have no choice, we have alredy started it so we must continue it.
Henri Reforeal, Philippines

Yes, because if man chooses to stay eventually the necessary resources will not be enough for an ever growing population and because of the demands for those resources man will have to move to another planet or will eventually meet his demise.
Mel, Bohol, Philippines

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