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LONDON, England (CNN) -- A futuristic new jet hopes to be the biggest revolution in commercial aircraft design in fifty years. With a radical new shape, its designers believe it will use 25 percent less fuel that today's planes and be no louder than a car driving down your street. (Full story)

Where do you think technology will have taken us in fifty years?

In 50 years I will be able to talk to my fridge from anywhere in the world. I shall be assisted in my daily tasks by a robot companion. I shall be able to take a weekend trip to the moon and be back for work on monday. A 16 year-old shall hold a nation state to ransom by shutting down its information systems spawning a new form of terrorism. I would be able to download all memories of my life onto a pocket sized storage device. All sorts of equipment will have intelligent software built into them and they shall all be connected on the world wide net.
Himakiran, Mhow, India (Nov.27)

By 2056, humankind should have a number of colonies on the lunar surface extracting resources and conducting scientific observations. Fussion energy will be driving the lunar He3 market for the first time. Humans should be mining asteroids, changing the resource markets on Earth. Human exploration of Mars should be underway with plans for the first humans to visit the Jovian moon Europa well underway. Meanwhile, spaceports should be quite common with transatlantic and transpacific sub-orbital spaceflight travel cutting point-to-point travel to less than one hour. Hydrogen fueled transport should be a well-established market with carbon liquid fuels rapidly becoming one for the history books. Climate change adaptation will have become more necessary than desired as sea-levels rise the world over causing migration as never witnessed before in human history.
Jack Kennedy, Virginia, USA (Nov. 24)

Technology is boundless but ironically, this may be what will take away our freedom. We will inevitably become too dependent on technology which will eventually take away the human side of things. We may be the ones who develop technology, but in the end, our very purpose and importance in this world might be overcome by technology. Think about it; technology can mould itself much faster than humans can evolve and adapt to the every changing enviroment.
Primo, Manila, Philippines (Nov. 24)

It is not hard to imagine in fifty years humanity will start their life on Mars,and will start long period space voyages.
Fatih, Turkey (Nov. 24)

At or near anti-gravity capabilities. Elimination of the internal combustion engine. Regeneration of body parts (joint cartilage, teeth, kidney).
Paul Tobiason, Guam (Nov. 23)

My prediction is that fifty years from now we'll be taking vacations on the Moon and will probably see the very first true space yachts in Earth orbit. We'll be living (and loving) the orbital lifestyle! At the same time, nano-technology will help us to "heal" the earth from global change.
Laura Woodmansee, L.A, USA (Nov. 23)

On the brink of destruction, because of our greed for immediate comfort.
Carsten Svendsen, Denmark (Nov. 23)

We will be using underground heat sources for future domestic heating.Under ground dwelling will get more and more prevalent.
V.S Amarnath, Mumbia, India (Nov. 23)

I believe the biggest change will be in the field of education. We will be able to learn more about the universe through latest technological advancements; and will be teaching our children as well as elders about aspects not even conceived or understood presently.
Iftikhar Siddiqi, Lahore, Pakistan (Nov. 23)

Not much further than it has in the last 50 years. We will still be the same humans, with the same abuses and the same limitations. Until we change ourselves we can not truly reap the benefits technology provides. We only scratch the surface.
Renny, Texas, USA (Nov. 23)

If we truly wanted to we could rid ourselves of our need for fossil fuel. I think too many people are more concerned with how alternate fuel sources will effect their interests rather than how this change could benefit the world.
Aaron, Malaysia (Nov.22)

We will be beaming ourselves places. You will dial up a destination on your wall-size plasma TV via a Google provided live destination finder and simply walk through and be there.
Peter Hergen, Michigan, USA (Nov.21)

We have to take care about what we are doing with the technology, and make sure we look after nature.
Vanesa Martinez, Columbia (Nov. 21)

In fifty years we will be living our lives with luxury and a lot of convenience. There could be some negative points as well about this but we should always keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!
Tanu, Dehli, India (Nov. 21)

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