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LONDON, England (CNN) -- A car that can drive itself is the fantasy of any designated driver, but the dream of owning a vehicle that does all the driving while you sit back and relax is one step closer to reality, as in-car artificial intelligence being developed by a team at Stanford University is ready to be used on city streets in the ultimate test of robot cars. (Full story)

Do you trust technology to make our everyday lives safer?

If we say "we don't trust new technology" then that means don't read online news (internet).This new age civilization we live depend much on the technologies HUMANs created. We are the makers and we know its limits. If mistakes were commited, we can correct it. Giving our trust to a new tecnology in doing our daily task is like fitting in a new t-shirt. if its to fit change the size and you be confedent waering it. We have to accept that we are no longer rideing on horses but we must now what a car can do either good or bad.
Matthew Angelo Tabalba IV, Cebu City, Philippines

No! The "safer" we try to make the world, the more freedom we lose. It is the law abiding citizens who will suffer the most. How much of your personal freedom are you willing to give up in the name of safety. We could all live in isolated rubber rooms with 100 percent filtered air and water, perfectly portioned and nutritional bland foods, with some form of low impact stress free exercise and be safe - but completely insane due to boredom. As for trusting technology to make us safe, Hah! Have you seen "Terminator?" When our technology becomes too intelligent, we will no longer be needed.
Jereme Schenerlein, Ohio, USA

Yes! I trust our new age of technology to make our lives much safer and easy.
Eds De la Cruz, Manila, Philippines

Only to a certain extent will new technology makes our everyday life safer. For sure we will be able to change the world for the better. But, to be honest, I do not look forward to an even more robotic world with, for example cloning and genetic manipulation. That is going too far and nothing to do anymore with new technologies.
Andrea, Germany

Yes, I trust technology to make our everyday lives safer. Through nanotechnology we will be able to fight diseases before someone is even infected. Through artificial intelligence and the impending Singularity, our knowledge of the world and our access to information will be much more vast. We will be able to change the world for the better - as long as the religious fanatics don't hamper our technological progress.
Henry George Wolf VII, Japan

I do not look forward to a more automated robotic world...with cloning and genetic Frankenstein happening in labs right now. I do not look forward to globalism and the "one world" idea. I do not look forward to more urbanization and sprawl and the natural environment giving way to billions of people and their lust for everything and anything. I think we are going to research ourselves into extinction. With WMDs and now robots with artificial intelligence coming around the corner....why do we think we will survive? Our technology is growing faster than our social maturity and stability...not to mention morality. We'll kill the environment, have robots who run everything, and eventually have to have draconian laws on procreating because the planet will be so overpopulated and most people will either be eating genetically altered food or starve to death.
Sharon Kirk, California, USA

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