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Your e-mails: When celebrities adopt

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(CNN) -- Madonna is defending her recent adoption of a year-old child from Malawi, after human rights groups questioned how the adoption was handled. The international pop star says she just wants to give the child a good home, and that the media is doing a "great disservice" to all African orphans by pursuing negative stories.

We asked readers what they think about celebrity adoptions and whether they are in the best interest of the children. Here is a selection, some of which have been edited for length and clarity.

I think it is wonderful that Madonna and her husband adopted their son. The fact they are contributing to the care of those children left behind is most commendable. It shows great character when wealthy people do such noble work with their riches. Someday her son may return to the country of his birth with the fortune he inherited from his parents and do great works of his own in Malawi. Adoption is a wonderful way to build a family. Congratulations on their new son!
Autumn Yatabe, Lawrenceville, Georgia

In this specific instance, I think it would have been better to offer support to the family that would allow them to reunite. Surely there are other children in the orphanage that have no living relatives that would be more suitable for international adoption. I do not think that removing a child from their country and family is always the BEST solution.
Sheila Dezler, Columbia, Maryland

Why would you want to help just one child from an impoverished nation, by giving him electric hummer cars and such, when you could help many by feeding them and giving them medical attention? It doesn't make much sense. Her heart should want to spread her fortune to many instead of indulging and spoiling just one child.
Susan James, Peachtree City, Georgia

I don't have a problem with celebrities adopting children as long as they undergo the same type of scrutiny required of other would-be parents. The fact that a celebrity has substantial wealth and can farm out a child to a competent nanny should not be an overarching factor in granting the adoptions. The paramount concern should be the nurturing afforded the child by would- be parents.
Isabel Balboa, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

It makes me sick. [Madonna] is only doing it because her "star" is fading and she wants to get in the limelight and sees this as a way(By copying the actual sincere adoption by Angelina Jolie.) Meanwhile, people like my nephew and his wife have been waiting years & still have no child through adoption & they are childless. Madonna has 2 children of her own.
Linda Mau, Detroit, Michigan

Why would anyone not applaud Madonna and Guy Ritchie for doing something like this? You cannot just walk into a country and take a child. The paperwork for an adoption is unbelievable. If this child was chosen without the legal process then I can see the hype but having done three international adoptions, there is no way you can walk into any country and walk out with a child unless all t's are crossed and i's dotted. I am happy for Madonna and Guy and very happy for this little boy who might grow up and do something special for the country he left through adoption.
Shelly Hines, St. Louis, Missouri

It is wonderful to want to save a child. But with the money that the celebrities have, my gosh, they could save the whole village and then some. That would be of more benefit than only saving one.
Rosemary Page, Belleville, Arkansas

I think that if the celebrities are adopting these children because they want them and are going to be parents for them it is great. What I mean by parent is someone who will be there as a responsible role model for them, and not just because it gets them publicity. I would hate to see celebrities doing it because Angelina Jolie and Madonna did. That is not the right thing for these children.
Desiree, Charlottesville, Virginia

There are thousands of children in the world that have lost both parents. This boy has a father that loves him. Why not help one of the children who have no one to depend on? Personally, even if I were living in a ditch, I would never let anyone take my kids, regardless of the life they could provide.
Kurt Wachholder, Gilberts, Illinois

I think that it is wonderful that someone like Madonna who has the financial ability to adopt a child is willing to do so. I do not however like the fact that it has to be so public. Is it really fair to that child to be thrust into that kind of lifestyle? This child now has to deal with flashbulbs exploding in their faces, the paparazzi mugging them at every turn. Is this what is right for this child? If these celebrities are concerned for these children... donate the money!
Denise Price, Altoona, Pennsylvania

Regardless of Madonna's intentions for this child, he will undoubtedly have a better life with more opportunity than he would have in Malawi. Who cares why Madonna adopted and who cares if she followed "the rules." She is significantly improving the life of a child with nothing. We complain that musicians and actors are paid too much, but when two of them attempt to share that wealth with someone less fortunate, they are scrutinized and attacked.
Rich Simmons, Snyder, New York

Celebrity adoptions are becoming the next big fad... Forget about the newest Gucci handbag... Adopting a foreign child is the next big thing! Not doing so well in the music industry? Your last movie didn't generate the projected revenue? Your fans think you're all washed up? Well here is your big chance to show um what for! Adopt a child from a poverty stricken family today!
Jay Nichols, Austin, Texas

International adoption should always be approached with caution, especially in war-torn, impoverished, or post-natural disaster nations. Laws requiring adoptive families to wait 18 months are in the best interest of the child. In turbulent parts of the world it is difficult to determine whether the child has been kidnapped or even sold to an orphanage. The emotional response of the adoptive parents is to rescue the child ASAP, but that is not in the child's best interest. The philosophy of most governments and agencies is to place the child, whenever possible, with blood relatives in that same culture/nation. Waiting periods allow governments and agencies to perform the appropriate research.
Barbara, Ocean City, Maryland

Why does Madonna have to adopt a child from Africa when there are many needy children in adoption agencies in the U.S. and why try to adopt a child who has a parent and not one who is missing both parents from their lives?
Nora Cruz, New York City

This recent trend in adoptions by celebrities appears to me as if these poor children are commodities and political tools for use by the celebrities themselves for personal gain. Bono is doing a good job by keeping the world aware of the problems that exist in Africa, but these celebrities who are adopting the children seem to have lesser virtue. Certainly they can afford to have the children - but shouldn't they be raised in households with more stability than that which most celebrities can offer?
Steven Jackson, Augusta, Georgia

I think those who criticize should be willing to adopt the children themselves. These are children who are being SAVED, not harmed. If the adoptions are legal, the critics should either put up or shut up.
Anne Duke-Shaw, Austin, Texas

Madonna says she acted according to the law in the adoption process.


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