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Your e-mails: 'Embarrassed for the GOP'

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(CNN) -- Rep. Mark Foley resigned Friday amid allegations that he had exchanged inappropriate e-mails with teenage congressional pages. Foley, a Republican from Florida, leaves his house seat vulnerable in an election year when Democrats hope to regain control of one or both houses of Congress.

We asked our readers whether the fallout would affect their vote this November. Here is a selection of the responses, some of which have been edited.

Yes, it will affect my vote. As a Republican I am utterly shocked and disappointed at my party's hypocrisy: we are the party of personal responsibility - in name only appears. To put party politics above the safety of children is inexcusable. I can't bring myself to vote democratic, but I can't vote for the current people in power either. I'll have no choice but to stay home.... embarrassed for the GOP.
Guy Fowler, Angier, North Carolina

I can't see where this one sick man should affect the vote of anyone. That is like blaming a family because their dog bit the postman.
Ben Smith, West Memphis, Arkansas

I think former Republican Representative Foley is one of MANY in Congress that should resign for various reasons. I also feel his immediate retreat into rehab is the most cowardly maneuver I've seen lately. This will have no effect on my voting plans for November. As a former lifelong Republican I am ashamed of what the party has become. I changed my party registration almost 6 years ago out of frustration, anger, and disgust. I wouldn't vote for a Republican now if that was all there was to choose from. They have collectively destroyed our country!
Cathy Cott, Tahlequah, Oklahoma

It is a disgrace that the Republicans in charge were warned about Foley and chose to smack him on the wrist. They should have done a full investigation a year ago. They wasted millions investigating Clinton for an affair between two consenting ADULTS. This shows that once again they have repeatedly put the Party above the best interest of the American People. I will never again vote for a Republican. Just like with Nixon, they just can't be trusted with the power that has been granted them.
Theresa Schwab, Huntington Station, New York

No, this will not affect my vote. Not because I'm a Republican but because I'm a realist. Rep Foley's situation is not a Republican problem, it's a human problem!
Robert Aiello, Cheshire, Connecticut

No, it won't affect my vote. There are people on both sides of the aisle who have problems. I am a conservative Republican, not a moralist. Foley may have sent some inappropriate instant messages, but as I understand it, he never physically abused any page. For Democrats to seize upon this as an issue, is a bit absurd. They are hardly without sin in this area!
Philip Redman, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

This is unfortunately another black eye for Republicans that the Democrats will try and exploit. The Republican Party is in trouble at this mid-term election, with questions revolving around the White House and no this as well as other issues within the Republican Party it is concerning, to wonder if any progress will be made with the current political make-up especially if Democrats win in November and regain control--which it appears is very possible. I fear a very drawn out stale mate for the remainder of President Bush's term if the Democrats win with no chance of progress because each party is so deeply entrenched against one another. Foley's resignation is just one more piece in a puzzle that is going to gridlock our government.
Mike Bearak, Rock Hill, South Carolina

Individuals make mistakes and poor decisions. Rep. Foley only admitted wrong when he was caught. That in it self is loathsome. To think that those making decisions for the electorate could be so callous. However, the problem goes deeper than one fallible man. The GOP leadership knowingly chooses to disregard the fact that one of their own had been accused of breaking a law, but also broke the public's trust as well. Why should we trust such people to make decisions on our behalf? What else are they covering up or lying about? It's time for change.
Michael Erickson, San Angelo, Texas

Rep. Mark Foley has not shamed the entire Republican Party and it will not affect my decision to vote Republican or Democrat. I simply would not have voted for him if he had run for office. His actions have no bearing on the others running for office. He simply ruined his career and his name. I think that he ought to be punished for his actions regarding these young boys. He was a man in power and had no right to misuse this power.
Marilyn Ferguson, Versailles, Illinois

I believe everyone that had knowledge of Foley's actions should resign. All should be prosecuted no matter what party that had knowledge of it. It's unbelievable in this day and age that an issue like this was shoved under a rug telling Foley "not to do it again" is sickening.
Lenore Merkle, Pompano, Florida


Will allegations that former Republican Rep. Mark Foley exchanged sexually explicit instant messages with a 16-year-old former congressional page make it less likely you'll vote Republican in November?
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