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Your e-mails: 'People are ready to go green'

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(CNN) -- California is set to become the first U.S. state to impose a cap on greenhouse gas emissions. A landmark plan agreed by legislators and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger would require the state's major industries to reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases by an estimated 25 percent by 2020.

We asked readers to send in their thoughts on California's plan. Here is a selection of responses, some of which have been edited:

Way to go California and Arnie! Now let's hope the rest of the country will follow suit!
Dennis Hudgins, Lorton, Virginia

It's a great effort and kudos to California, but is it enough? We are setting ourselves up to be behind the 8-ball and need to act as quickly as possible.
Joel Russell, New York City

California should learn by its own example that tougher emission standards do NOT work! [California] has the toughest around, and still has the worst pollution problem in the country. When are people going to wake up and stop costing taxpayers more money to accomplish virtually nothing?
Mike Stewart, Farmersville, Texas

California has shown solid leadership on this issue while the Bush Administration is simply dragging its feet. The science is clear about the effects of human activity on the Earth's temperature, and the long-term effects it will have. Thank goodness California's leaders had the foresight, and guts, to do something about this while there is still time.
Michael Galli, Mountain View, California

There is so much disinformation on global warming. This bill may or may not have any effect on the environment. There are multiple scientific studies that show both warming and cooling trends all around the world. Environmentalist groups mostly consist of a bunch of lawyers and phony, uninformed celebrities who attend environment conferences, then drive to their 10,000-square foot homes in their SUVs. Enough with the hypocrisy!
James Hibbits, Seattle, Washington

I believe this is a great sign. California should be the first because all the states will follow when they see CA going green, and it works and creates jobs. We have the technology to do it. California already has test communities going green and it is working. The American people are ready to go green. We need a leader.
Joseph Redmond, Atlanta, Georgia

Having just returned from California and seen the growth of wind farms and alternative energy vehicles all over California, I have to say thank God for Gov. Schwarzenegger and the example he is setting. If the other big states don't get on board soon it may be too late. Although getting a Texan to drive anything that doesn't have a tailgate, big tires, a gun rack and gets double digits in gas mileage may be impossible!
Michael Bowman, Cold Spring, New York

This, along with the new $8.00 minimum wage will cause many businesses to flee California for more business-friendly states like Nevada and Colorado, making net migration out of California intensify in the years to come.
Will, Holmen, Wisconsin

California led the nation in car emissions. It is long overdue that someone led the nation in [reducing] all emissions! Just because industry has someone in the White House they can hide behind doesn't mean that we all have to trade our health for their profits. Isn't that what this really all comes down to?
Jeffrey Hardy, San Francisco, California

A 25% decrease in greenhouse emissions from only major industries over the next 14 years is purely symbolic. It will have virtually no effect whatsoever on global warming. This is such a tiny amount when you consider that we will have far more then that amount increased over the next 14 years just from economic growth. As a society, are we prepared to make it even more difficult for a refinery to stay/go into business when we have a dangerously low number of refineries as it is? I do admire the state of California for creating this law, if in fact they are doing it because they are truly concerned with our environment and not simply to get the environmentalist vote at the polls.
Greg, South Lyon, Michigan

The idea to impose government regulations to fix a problem has merit. My one question is: we've been coming out of an ice age for thousands of years, -up is a result of human intervention and what is just the natural cycles that have occurred throughout time?
James Kauczka, Clermont, Florida

Global warming is a hoax but if California wants to chase away all the rest of their industries to other states, we will gladly take them.
Nick Henderson, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill to promote solar energy.



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