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Your e-mails: Answers on immigration
A steel wall forms the U.S.-Mexico border near Nogales, Arizona.


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(CNN) -- Tighter border controls, employer fines and guest worker programs are among the many ideas fighting for air in the immigration debate. asked readers to send in their own solutions for addressing illegal immigration in the United States. Here is a selection of those e-mails, some of which have been edited:

I think that if they are going to send troops to watch the borders that they should be stationed on the Canadian border and not Mexico. Recent reports show that due to Canada's lax immigration laws, its borders are the biggest threat that potential terrorists can cross with ease. Where would America be without illegal Mexican labor? My guess is that we would start paying much higher prices for food and homes.
Arthur, Mountainview, California

I think this country welcomes all people as long as they they are legal. I think that is a great thing. Enter this country the correct way. One law that I would like to see changed is, If a woman has a child in this country and she is not legal that child is considered an American Citizen ... I think it is wrong. The child is and should be considered the nationality of the parent if they are not legal.
M. Gordon, Darlington, Maryland

I don't see the problem with immigrants coming over. They let us go over there so what's the difference? Some of the Hispanic people I know are the hardest working people. This gets involved with every one else when we should just be worrying about ourselves. I think we are biting more than we can chew and this will create more trouble than anything.
Kimberly, Mountain Home, Idaho

If the National Guard can't guard our nation against intruders, maybe we should call them something other than National Guard.
John W., Oxnard, California

1. Secure the border.
2. Enforce our laws -- fine and imprison all employers who knowingly employ illegal aliens.
3. Stop all non-emergency social services to illegal aliens.
Do these three things and you will see 12-20 million illegals leave on their own. You will also see a dramatic improvement in our education system, our health care system, our judicial and prison systems, as well as our social services system. Not to mention a drop in gang violence and a real win against the drug cartels!
Heather Kilby, Soquel, California

Fines on employers onerous enough to get their attention. Possibly 5 times what they would have had to pay a citizen, including taxes, benefits, and a sizeable "handling" fee!
Karen Willis, Richmond, Texas

There is a little illegal immigrant in every one of us! The solution is to allow a set amount to legally enter the country every year and to implement a queue for all who apply based on a first come first serve basis. Anyone who is free of a criminal record and can pass a basic English proficiency test should be allowed the pursuit of happiness in our country. As far as the illegals living here currently grant them a green card or a special immigration card. If they are productive citizens! and felony free for a given probationary time they should be granted citizenship. This would sharply decrease the numbers of those crossing the border illegally. People would wait to enter legally. Also it would allow us the chance to weed out the good apples from the bad ones. Any immigrant convicted of a felony would loose legal status in the United States and would be deported back to their home country.
S. Salem, Bloomington, Indiana

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