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Programming note: CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta follows Stuart Rasch's progress on American Morning's "New You Resolution," Tuesdays, 6-10 a.m. ET.

Doctor fixes up tasty late-night treats

Cooking Light's Chef Billy shows Stuart Rasch how to make a tasty, low-fat smoothie.



New You Resolution

(CNN) -- Working 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. as an emergency room doctor makes it difficult for Stuart Rasch to eat anything but takeout food, but he's trying to put an end to that.

Rasch's aim in the "New You Resolution" is to learn to eat balanced meals overnight and to improve his health overall.

When he gets home after his overnight shift and before he goes to bed, he helps get his children ready for school.

On his days off, the 47-year-old doctor's sleeping and eating patterns are turned upside-down.

"In a 24-hour period on a Wednesday, I may eat five meals," Rasch said. "I may conceivably eat only one or two meals on a Tuesday."

Rasch's twin, Mark, is also a "New You Resolution" participant. They've challenged each other to see which twin will win.

"We've always been competitive," Stuart Rasch said. "He usually wins because he's bigger than I am, [but] I'll still whip his butt.

Here are Stuart Rasch's goals for the "New You Resolution":

1. Lower blood pressure to target of 120 over 80.

2. Lower total cholesterol from 283 to less than 200.

3. Eat several small meals on a regular schedule to help achieve target weight of 153 pounds.

February 14 update

Cooking Light Magazine's Chef Billy has been working with Rasch on creating healthy recipes to help him stave off late-night E.R. munchies.

Some of the treats include a portable frittata and low-fat, high-protein smoothies. "What's better than peanut butter, chocolate and banana?" Rasch said.

Rasch is hoping these diet changes will help him reach his target weight of 153 pounds.

February 7 update

Rasch is finding it hard sticking to some of his "New You" goals.

"Four hundred calories at a time every four hours has been very difficult to do at work," said Rasch, who is still skipping meals during the week.

"I've lost about six to seven pounds," he said. "It's a lot less than I expected to lose."

We'll see how this busy doctor, husband and father fares in the last few weeks of the "New You Resolution"

January 31 update

Rasch has been slowly adjusting to his new exercise regimen.

"I feel sore. I feel tired. I don't feel any stronger, but I feel achier."

He is also getting used to a diet overhaul.

Takeout food and eating on the run during his overnight shifts pushed his cholesterol and blood pressure out of control.

So his new diet plan requires him to eat 300- to 400-calorie "mini-meals" every four hours. He worked with his nutritionist to find smarter choices from the Chinese restaurant takeout menu.

It seems to have been paying off; he has lost seven pounds since the beginning of the "New You Resolution."

January 24 update

Despite working overnight shifts, Rasch has been finding time to hit the gym.

He has gone in the mornings after his shift, and has alternated weight and cardio training five days a week. Despite his hectic schedule, he has maintained his sense of humor.

"I'm not overweight. I'm just under-height," Rasch said recently, a complaint echoed by his twin brother.

January 17 update

Rasch spent this week meeting with his new fitness trainer in New York. Rasch's exercises included push-ups and weight lifting, which he found challenging.

"I haven't really exercised since junior high school," Rasch said.

"I'm going to die," he joked. "I'm definitely going to die, but I'll have a good-looking corpse."

Rasch also got diet tips from Cooking Light magazine's Chef Billy. Instead of the fast food that he's used to eating, Rasch tried healthier foods such as salads, wraps and sensible snacks.

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