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Your Opinion: Steve Irwin

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(CNN STUDENT NEWS) -- We asked viewers for their reaction to the death of Steve Irwin, the Australian TV presenter known as the "Crocodile Hunter," who died after being attacked by a stingray. We received hundreds of replies. The following are a selection, some of which have been edited:

Brianna, age 14: All my friends and I on MSN Messenger put up turtles before our screen names, they told their friends and it spread. I even took a screen shot of it.

Mr. Simpson's 7th Period Media Class, Manor Middle School, Manor, Texas: Crikey! We think Steve Irwin should be remembered for his bravery and love of animals. We hope his wife, Terry, and his children will continue his work and let his memory live on.

Monica in Texas: Steve Irwin was just simply not afraid. He wasa not afraid for himself or his child. It was venturing out of the crocodiles habitat that he should have feared. The crocs were safe. It is a sad day for all animals, the four and two legged kind today. We all lost a friend.

Care M., Colorado: I think he should be remembered as the best croc handler who showed us a new way to look at these animals that they are beautiful and neat and we will miss him terribly but he's with us because he's in our hearts forever until we meet him again and he will be with all his animal friends and his family. God Bless him and his family.

Bryon H., Evans, Georgia: The Crocodile Hunter was a great man and show poeple more about animals and the way they lived. It's very sad what happed to him. He died doing what and loved.

Stephanie M., Florida: I am 12 years old and I was devestated by Steve Irwins death when I found out, I cried. He was a great man and he was my hero the world wont be the same without steve and terri i know what kind of pain this must cause you and i am very sorry for your loss Bindi I mainly felt sorry for u and your brother bob you two will remember your dad forever though terri. I am very sorry, I looked up to Steve and watched you guys on TV every day. I always think the first time I hear Austrailia the first thing that comes to mind is Terri and Steve.

Taylor L., California: Steve Erwin is so very loved and will be so very missed. I was extremely shocked to hear of what had happened. I would like to send my thoughts, my love and my prayers to Terry and the children. I feel for them and empathize. I know there will be a long, devastating sadness in their life for a very long time, and that makes me sad.

Rachel B., Brookville Indiana: I think Steve should be rememberd by his love for animals, and his phrase - Crikey!

Karl J.: Steve Irwin will be remembered for his conservation work and his love of animals. He will be dearly missed by the world.

E. Marcus Davis, Georgia: The day Steve Irwin died was indeed a very sad day for the world’s children and their parents alike. This larger than life character with his over-the-top personality and deep Australian drawl was a real-life adventurer who taught a generation of children to love wildlife and the natural world. Steve used his hard earned celebrity to promote the preservation of endangered species and the world's dwindling habitats for wildlife. I will miss those Saturday mornings spent with my kids watching the latest adventures of the Crocodile man. He was a great role model, a good parent and passionate advocate for the worlds endangered species. God Speed Crocodile man.

LW: Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter, was one of the most lovable environmentalist and animal lovers I have every even wanted to watch on TV. I feel like I grew up with him and his wife and was as excited as they were when their children were born. It was certainly an untimely, shocking loss for all of us...especially Americans like myself that found his style and his work with his family entertaining and wonderful to watch.

Katie T., age 13: At least he died doing what he was passionate for and he will most definitely be missed by many people all over the world.

Jacob, Mesa, Arizona: Dear Crocodile Hunteress. I hope they will name Australian Zoo after him. I will come visit it every year.

Jade: I am so sorry about what happend but I hope this letter that I am writing to you makes you happy about how I cared to write you this letter. I think you should make people remember him and charish him by rerunning shows, making statues of him in the zoo and to never keep him out of your heart.

Daylen S., Arizona: Dear Mrs. Irwin, I am sorry about your husband. I think that you should keep the crocidile hunter going in memory of him.

Haley, Mesa Public Schools: I think it would be vary memorable if you put an exhibit of Steve in a museum, then evryone would know how cool he was and he will probably become a legend and an inspiration.

Paige in Mesa, Arizona: My opinion on Steve Irwin's death is that they should still play the Crocodile Hunter.They should do reruns and let Steve's wife take over! It would make a great show like its has always been! I have really enjoyed watching the Crocodile Hunter!

Alyssa: In his memory (I think) we should rename the Australia Zoo to Steve Irwin Memorial Zoo. Steve Irwin was remembered all over the world for hunting for crocodiles so that people wouldn't kill them, cut off their skin, and make clothing, or purses, or shoes, etc. We should keep showing The Crocodile Hunter T.V. show reruns W/ (and only with) Steve Irwin as it should be. Because no one knows crocodiles like Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter. Crikey!!!

Jan P., Southgate, Michigan: I was devastated to hear about Steve. My heart goes out to his wife and children. My daughter, Ayrin (now 17), started watching "The Crocodile Hunter" about 7 years ago. She wouldn't miss it for the world. I even started watching him. Ayrin even e-mailed him a letter and Steve sent her a personal note. He was her hero. Steve Irwin should be remembered not only to children but to many as a hero, a friend, very caring, an asset to the wildlife kingdom, a good husband, father and son.

Vick C., Westville, New Jersey: Yes, Steve Irwin took alot of risks while taping the videos and tv shows everyone around the world loved! Had it not been for THOSE risks, he would have been viewed as just another high-energy, enthusiastic nature lover in khakis and an accent. :-) He was very passionate and brought every creature that he was with, Upfront and personal,and taught everyone around him the true meaning of compassion, whether it be for a shark, crocodile or man.

Sallie R., Little Rock, Arkansas: Steve Irwin was totally remarkable! I had a class in college-herpetology-and I admired Steve for his ease and careful handling of all the critters he taught us about. He will live on in his family, the Australia Zoo and the other people he has truly inspired to become more aware of the world and nature of wildlife.

Kate: I wish I could send my love to Terry and the kids, he is in heaven now, and will be deeply missed by all. His energy will never die, I can see him with my eyes open, jumping around with his excited voice and spunk!!!! God bless Steve Irwin and may the Holy Spirit go out to comfort his family during this time of tragic loss.

Aundre S., Centerpoint High, Caldwell, Idaho: I think its sad that he he died beacuse I have been watching him since I was 9 years old. I learned alot about animals insects and plants beacause of him. The way he teaches is whats best about him beacause he puts animals first, and shows that most aren't as bad as they seem.

Pelletier Family, Winnipeg, MB, Canada: Steve was almost a member of our family, as my son's hero. My son wants to be a herpetologist because of Steve, and he is only 5 years old. He will be remembered by us, for making such a contribution to the wildlife kingdom, by informing the world about each creature out there. Thank you Steve...we salute you!

Teri Jones, USA: I was stunned into sadness to hear about the untimely death of Steve Irwin. His drive and untameable passion for his 'crocs' was something to be admired. He came into so many homes across the nation and was an unimaginably wonderful teacher. My heart goes out to his family.

Amanda S.: It was shocking and hard to take in the news, I have not been able to sleep very much since I heard what happened. My son and I were planning on going to the Austrailia Zoo one day in hopes to meet Steve Irwin and his family. I know in my heart he is looking down on his family and all of us and he is hoping that his family and all of us will carry on his tradition of conservation.

Liviu D., Romania: He died working to get us a real image of the animals that represents or not a danger for us. I could say he died saving lives. I've learned many things and when I'll be in danger to be wounded by an animal, maybe I'll react in the correct way becouse I know some things from Steve Irwin.

Minnie M., NE Wisconsin: I request the Australians know the world share's their grief, as 'we' too loved Steve. We never wavered from watching the joy he exuded, while he taught us things we always wanted to know.

Brad, Greer, South Carolina: On remembering Steve Irwin: Name a museum that is dedicated to teaching people about the Worlds Most Dangerous 'creatures' after him.

Eddie R. Manchester, England: I remember one programme in particular when Terri was pregnant and they were both rock climbing when Terri became unable to move on a sheer face which was very brave of her to do considering she was pregnant.Steve being Steve calmed her down and managed to talk her through what she had to do to reach safety.I can recall the shear dread and fear from both my wife and me as we watched this scary incident and were both more than relieved that everything turned out ok.This was Steve to the core. Fearless, brave beyond words.

Misty: In my opinion Steve was a leader, a teacher, a freind and a remarkable person to say the least. According to all the interviews, Steve was a very loving and caring father and husband. Steve's knowledge, and fun unique attitude made people feel as if they were right there with him everwhere he went. Steve Irwin was a big loss for Australia, but a total loss for the world.

Mike, Ottawa, Canada: When My 12 10 and 12 year old daughters heard the news, they cried. Growing up watching Steve was a highlight for them. My little girls just loved to watch him and his adventures. He will be missed in our house.

Vellu and Family, Singapore: I and my three young children were deeply shocked and hard to believe the news of the great Steve Irwin's death. I am absolutely devastated at the loss of Steve Irwin. This is a massive tragedy for me and my family; he was our legend and hero. Steve Irwin was a true legend, an Aussie icon. A great loss to the animal lovers like me. Many people in the world are living, but he lived what he meant for. We love you Steve. You are a great tribute and living legend to animal kind as well as human kind. You will not be forgotten! Rest in peace dear prince!

Tony M., in Suwanee, Georgia: It's nice to know you can go out doing what you love. His passion for what he loved in life always shined and he will be missed.

Jim S., St. Louis Missouri: I feel the same way that I did when John Denver died. Both were born enrertainers and their passion for environmental issues and respect for the animals on this planet is simply indescribable. I am so sad.

Chris, Manila, Philippines: No croc tears for Steve. We are saddened by the untimely demise of Steve. My family and I extend our condolence to Terri, Binni Sue and Bob. Steve and the rest of his family is a part of our family. We will always remember his love, care and concern for the animals and the environment. Though we all will miss him, let us continue to strive and fight the good fight Steve was in. Let us allow his legacy to continue with us and the generations to come. The croc rules... forever in our hearts.

Brandon R, Syracuse University: Thanks to him, I got to experience a lifetime full of excitement while "journeying" (watching his documentaries) throughout Asia, Africa and South America. Steve Irwin was a great man. He will forever be remembered in my heart, as well as the hearts of many millions throughout the World, as the most courageously entertaining, dedicated, animal-loving, researcher/environmentalist of all time. Thanks for the adventure Steve.

Vittal I., Kolkata, India: I was returning from work when I got news of Steve passing away and I was completely was unbelieveable! I was like Steve Irwin the Croc hunter??..the finality of my father's "yes" hit me like a punch to the stomach. I just stopped right on the street and wept. It was like a family member had passed away and it hurt so much.

Paul D. and Matthew, 8 years old, UK: God rest you Steve you gave my young son and us all so much pleasure and education.

Linda R., in DuBois, Pennsylvania: After watching the news of your untimely death, I thought... how can such a horrible thing happen to someone who took care and loved animals, people and life so much? I felt a part of me just die, because... you really were a part of my family, as you can see. I am really going to miss laughing and crying right along with you, Steve. Crocodile Hunter... may you rest in peace my dear friend.

Innocent N., South Africa: I am deeply saddened by the death of Steve Irwin. Ones like him come very rare. He had such a passion for his work which captivated even those who detested his daring antics. But that's exactly why we his fans adored him. He was fearless yet entertaining at the same time, and in the process displayed his love for nature and animals.

Bill F., Ocala, Florida: Raymond Ditmars, Roger Tory Peterson, Archie Carr, Ross Allen, Marlin Perkins, Jane Goodall, Steve Irwin. In the history of wildlife education and conservation only a few truly great names stand out from the rest.

Dannielle M., 13 years old: I think he should be remenbered by naming the park after him and heaps of photos around the park of him.

Craig A., in Makakilo, Hawaii: My heart and prayers go out to Terri and the kids. I think we need more people like Steve Irwin in this world, not have them taken away from us. A complete and utter loss for civilization as a whole.

Howie, St. George, Utah: I wasn't shocked by the news that Steve Irwin was killed by an animal, I just expected it to be by a crock or deadly snake. He like many of his ilk brought the wild into my living room and educated us about how they live and I thank him and his breatherin for their courage and tenacity and Steve's wonderful sense of humor. I will miss him.

Steve Irwin



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