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Quick Guide & Transcript: Violence targets Iraqi mosques, Global headlines


• Interactive: Who's who in Iraq
• Interactive: Sectarian divide

(CNN Student News) -- February 23, 2006

Quick Guide

Sectarian Violence - See how a bomb attack changed an Iraqi city's skyline.

Around the World - Go international for a look at headlines from around the world.

Cool Boarders - Hit the halfpipe with some of the Olympics' more laid-back competitors.



MONICA LLOYD, CNN STUDENT NEWS ANCHOR: Hi, I'm Monica Lloyd, and you've found Thursday's edition of CNN Student Student News! An icon destroyed: an Iraqi skyline is altered when a bombing brings down the dome of the Golden Mosque. A Papal appointment: The Vatican names 15 new cardinals who'll help lead one of the world's biggest faiths. And a laid-back approach: Olympic snowboarders tell us -- in their own words -- the differences between them and many other Olympians.

First Up: Sectarian Violence

LLOYD: Iraqi religious officials are picking up the pieces in dozens of Mosques, or Muslim houses of worship. They were damaged yesterday during an outbreak of "sectarian", or religious-based violence. See, the country has two major religious sects, or denominations: Shiite Muslims make up about two-thirds of the population. And Sunni Muslims account for the other one-third. Yesterday's religious violence started when one of the Shiites' holiest Mosques, was bombed. Aneesh Raman brings us details of that attack, and tells us what followed.


ANEESH RAMAN, CNN REPORTER: A dawn attack striking one of Shia Islam's most sacred shrines...reduced to rubble. The iconic Askirya mosque in Samaraa, now without the golden dome that for a century proclaimed its importance. Destroyed after men dressed as Iraqi police commandos bound the guards on duty and, once inside, detonated a series of bombs.

The attack ignited immediate fury among Iraq's majority Shia community. Pouring on to the streets in thousands.. in the Kadhimiya area of neighboring Sadr city where Mehdi militia, loyal to the Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr armed themselves threatening to descend on Samaraa.

ABDUL-HADI AL-DARAJI, SPOKESMAN FOR SHIITE CLERIC MUQTADA AL-SADR: We are prepared to strongly defend our shrines and we swear by God that we will battle all those who do not defend the holy shrines of our Imams.

RAMAN: So devastating was this assault, that Iraq's highest Shia spiritual authority, the Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, who has not been seen in public in a year and a half, made a television appearance surrounded by senior Shia clerics, urging in a separate statement peaceful protests.

In line with the words of Iraq's Prime Minister, announcing a three day period of mourning, condemning the attack, calling for calm.

But that's been a hard sell to an enraged people. Reprisal attacks took place within hours. Nearly 30 Sunni mosques in the capital alone coming under fire. Three Sunni immams were killed and in the southern Shia city of Basra, shia militia engaged in a gun battle with a Sunni political party amid a massive protest as sectarian tensions in the country reach new levels.

For nearly three years now, Iraq's Shia community has come under near daily attack by the Sunni dominated insurgency. And have all along stopped short of responding with large scale violence of its own. The fear is that this attack may be a tipping point, with Shia leaders saying their patience is wearing thin. Aneesh Raman, CNN, Baghdad.


Word to the Wise


iconic - it's an adjective that means having characteristics of an important and enduring symbol

source: www.dictionary.comexternal link

Around the World

LLOYD: Halfway around the world, Mexican leaders say they've been doing all they can to reach a group of trapped coal miners. Deanna Morawski brings us that story and explores some other global headlines.


DEANNA MORAWSKI, CNN STUDENT NEWS REPORTER: Rescue workers continue to search for 65 Mexican coal miners trapped by an explosion four days ago.

Though the miners have oxygen tanks, they contain only six hours' worth of air. Officials say the mine's ventilation system is pumping fresh air into the tunnels, but they can't be sure it's reaching the trapped miners. Family members are worried.

YARIDA GALLEGOS/BROTHER IN-LAW TRAPPED IN MINE: We're hoping that there will be more advances. I wish that all this would end already.

MORAWSKI: An investigation is under way into the cause of the explosion, but mine officials and federal authorities say the site recently passed a routine inspection.

Frustration in the Philippines, with no sign of survivors since Friday's massive landslide.

Heavy rain forced troops and volunteers to stop digging Wednesday for a buried elementary school -- citing fears of more landslides. As many as 300 students and teachers were thought to be trapped in the school, which -- along with an entire farming village -- was buried under 100 feet of mud when a mountainside collapsed. Authorities fear the death toll, now officially at just over 100, could surpass one-thousand.

A European Union panel has approved a plan to vaccinate poultry in France and the Netherlands.

It's just one step being taken to protect Europe from bird flu, which has been found in five EU countries... And continues to be active in Asia.

Indonesia reported Wednesday that a 27-year-old woman died of bird flu, raising the number of human bird flu deaths in that country to nine this year alone.

And Indian officials expanded their slaughter of chickens Tuesday, after confirming the country's first outbreak of the disease Sunday. They're also working to educate residents of remote villages about the virus and how to stop it from spreading.

Pope Benedict XVI has named his first set of cardinals since being elected in April.

Hailing from all over the world, the 15 new cardinals will join 178 existing cardinals to help the pope run the Roman Catholic Church, and act as his top advisers. They'll receive their red cardinals' hats at a Vatican ceremony next month.

And that takes us around the world...

For CNN Student News, I'm Deanna Morawski.



AZUZ: Time for the Shoutout! If a snowboarder pulls a 1080, exactly how many rotations does he or she make? If you think you know it, shout it out! Is it:

A) 1.5

B) 2

C) 2.5

D) 3

You've got three seconds--GO! A 360 is one complete a snowboarder who pulls a 1080 spins around three times! That's your answer and that's your Shoutout!

Cool Boarders

LLOYD: You grommets who usually land your air-to-fakies and methods on the half-pipe, probably already knew that. Those of you who've never skate- or snow-boarded may be wondering what we're talking about. It's the slang of the sport! And as Mark McKay tells us, that's not all that separates Olympic snowboarders from many of the other competitors in Torino.


HANNAH TETER, U.S. OLYMPIC SNOWBOARDER: The difference between snowboarders and everyone else? We're pretty laid back.

MARK MCKAY, CNN REPORTER: They're a group of Winter Olympians who most definitely move to their own beat. U.S. snowboarders have been "golden" in Torino but don't credit their success to any kind of strict training regimen.

STEVE FISCHER, U.S. OLYMPIC SNOWBOARDER: People ask us how we train and what we do to train and for the most part we just laugh at them "what? Train?"

TETER: I find myself trying to have fun all the time. Just like being focused and being committed and being driven but still just having a good time.

LINDSEY KILDOW, U.S. OLYMPIC SKIIER: They are kind of free spirited and I don't think they take things too going to the gym, maybe or like eating healthy.

MCKAY: Snowboarding combines elements of skiing, surfing, and skateboarding and the sport attracts a "colorful" breed of athletes. Once outcast on their own local mountains, this band of boarders represent a new wave at the Winter games, and no longer need to worry about not fitting in.

SETH WESCOTT/GOLD MEDALLIST SNOWBOARD-CROSS: When I was a young kid I would be chased by police officers everywhere just because I wanted to ride my skateboard in town. So you grow up with this different view of what it's like to participate in a sport that's not accepted by the mainstream.

MCKAY: They may be brash, but their rarely bitter, as their rivalries generally are of the better variety.

ROSS POWERS/SNOWBOARD HALF-PIPE: We want to see someone do something better and we're gonna try even harder. A lot of other sports they're just so competitive with each other and they don't take the time to be friends with them.

DANNY KASS, AFTER WINNING SILVER MEDAL: There's a lot of down time and everybody gets to have fun together and gets to kick the pressure off and have fun.

MCKAY: Snowboarders have this way of rubbing off on even the most traditional of Winter Olympians...they even speak the same language!

TETER: I came out to Italy "super fresh" and just, I don't know, everything just clicked...the sun, and the vibe, and the people...... and all the riders were "super stoked. So that made me was awesome.

SHAUN WHITE: I think everybody kinda rages at the Olympics. I've been talking to the curlers and all these guys .. they're like "yeah!" That's why they came out here. You know, we're going to compete but we're gonna rage.

MCKAY: It seems at these games, snowboarders are indeed, all the rage, Mark Mckay, CNN Torino.


Before We Go

LLOYD: Before you took a shower this morning, you might have worried whether you had enough hot water. Before we go... Folks in Rexburg, Idaho are probably grateful that's all they have to worry about! That's because an eight-foot-long pet python escaped a neighbor's apartment two weeks ago and took refuge in the ceiling above their shower! A plumber found the reptile this week, hungry but alive. The snake, of course, was evicted.


LLOYD: And we'll slither on out of here. For CNN Student News, I'm Monica Lloyd. More headline news is coming your way!

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